Do One Thing For Your Feet

July 31, 2005 by · 3 Comments
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I would like to challenge you to do one thing for your feet. Nothing
drastic. It doesn’t even have to cost anything–and if it does–it’ll
be cheap. Since you know your feet better than I do, you’ll have to
pick the one thing. First, take off your shoes and socks. Secondly,
take a good look at your feet. Run your hands over your feet, between
the toes, and feel the skin–especially on the heels and balls of your
feet. Do you feel any thickened skin or calluses? Is the skin dry? Is
it soft and supple or hardened? Are there cracks in the skin or between
your toes? Feel your toenails and see how long the nails are. Look for
cracked nails. Are there any signs of thickened or discolored nails?
Are they strong or crumbly?
     Not wanting to complicate this, I’ll give you four choices. So, depending on what you find, either

  1. Use a moisturizing cream for healthier skin.
  2. Use a callus reducing cream on those problem areas. (Value your calluses? We’ll address that in the future).
  3. Trim and file your nails smooth. (Don’t know how? We’ll talk about that in the future too).
  4. If you have thickened, flaky or crumbly toenails, see a podiatrist – nail fungus is a bad thing. (Not sure how to tell? That too will be talked about in the future).

    Now, I’ll bet you’re not happy I told you to do things that maybe you don’t know how to do. Well, Rome wasn’t build in a day and fixing your feet is not an instant fix either. I want you to start thinking "foot care" as part of your daily routine. Since I am a firm believer in good foot care, these will be some of the first topics we will discuss in the blog. Stay tuned for more.

Starting off on the right foot…

July 30, 2005 by · 2 Comments
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So why Happy Feet? Do I obsess about feet? Truth be told, not really–it just seems that way. By nature, I am a helping person and years of experience providing foot care to athletes has taught me that people want current and relevant information about their feet. That’s what this blog will strive to do in an interesting and fun sort of way. But, why me? Let me start off on the right foot by giving my credentials so you know I’m for real.
     In June of 1997 I self-published Fixing Your Feet: Prevention and Treatments for Athletes at the urging of my son, Scott. I hoped for moderate success. My background was over 13 years of running ultras and fastpacking, including many 100 mile track runs, three Western States finishes, a 72-hour run, and the John Muir Trail. In the years since, I am amazed at the adventure this has become. Fixing Your Feet is now in its 3rd edition through Wilderness Press (great folks!) with over 300 pages dedicated to foot care. In September my free Fixing Your Feet E-zine will start its fifth year with over 1650 subscribers. I have patched thousands of feet at events with names like The Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, Primal Quest Expedition Race, the Atacama Crossing, and the Avon Walk. When I go to these events, I teach MDs, RNs, podiatrists, paramedics, EMTs, and other interested people how to patch feet.
     On my Fixing Your Feet business cards, I list myself as "The Foot Guy" because that’s what so many people call me. I’m not a podiatrist, simply an ultrarunner and fastpacker who has taught himself a lot of cool stuff about feet (thanks to a lot of really nice people) about how to prevent problems and fix problems if they do develop. But, you should know, put me in a group of people and I spend a lot of time looking at shoes, socks, and when possible… their feet.

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