Got Athlete’s Foot?

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Facts: 70% of people will be affected by Athete’s foot in their lifetime. 45% of people with Athlete’s foot will suffer recurring bouts for more than 10 years.
     Anyone who has been bothered by Athelete’s foot knows how the itching can drive you crazy. Before going out and spending a bunch of money on ointments and sprays, give this simple home remedy a try. If you travel, or need somethong to carry along, check out the liquid filled swabs. Two great ideas for the person afflicted with Athlete’s foot. lists the following treatment for Athlete’s foot: Add 15-20 drops of tea tree oil
 in a bowl of warm water &
 soak feet for 15 minutes two to three times daily. Let dry. Apply tea tree oil directly onto
 affected areas twice daily. Combine five drops of tea tree
 oil with 115 ml of Aloe vera
 juice in a spray bottle. Shake
 well. Spray onto affected
 areas twice daily. Let dry. 
Aloe vera soothes itchiness.
300263_sl     SwabPlus’ liquid filled cotton swabs offer an easy way to carry Athlete’s foot medications. They offer two packs, one with Clotrimazole for Athlete’s foot and another with Tolnafate for fungus relief. Bending one end of the swab releases the liquid medication.
     Steps to prevent and keep from getting Athlete’s foot include: wear moisture-wicking socks, wash and dry your feet daily, especially between the toes,  use foot powder, regular changes of shoes and socks, and avoid walking barefoot in communal shower or bathroom areas.

Those Pointy-Toed Shoes

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I have to write this. Today I was standing in a lobby of a building waiting for the start of a business meeting. Three women, who I knew, were waiting too. I couldn’t help but look at their feet. What I saw was scary.
Dbd_18     Each had those pointy shoes. You know the ones. They seem to be all the rage these days. The very pointy toes extend at least three inches past the ends of their toes. One of the ladies, who is a tri-athlete, had on shoes that showed the start of her toes (no that’s not her feet in this picture). I’m sorry but it looked painful and certainly not good for her feet.
     The heels were fairly high too. All three women’s toes were being pushed together towards the pointy end of the shoe. Maybe I am missing something, but they remind me of something an elf would wear.
Images_3     Take a close look at the shoes in this picture. The try and guess the price. The answer is at the end of this post. I thought you’d like to read the text about the shoes, “Opalescent Black Evening Pointy Slingback – The perfect choice for a polished up look in dressy occasions, these slingbacks are glamorous with a sensual edge. Made in opalescent treated leather, they shine with a multicolor effect and sparkle with every move. The sole has a rubber toe to avoid slipping. Made in Italy.” Remember, try and guess the price.
     Sure, people have worn cowboy boots for years—and they have kind of a long toe area—but not this bad. Is the pointy end important? Does it make a fashion statement? I guess so. More importantly, does your podiatrist know what you’re wearing on your feet? Can you spell bunions, metatarsal pain, nerve damage, toenail problems. To say nothing of the ankle, knee, hip, and back pain, because, after all, everything is connected. It’s a basic biomechanical fact.
     Actually, a blog titled The Rage Diaries has a whole page devoted to comments on these shoes, even calling them, “pizza-slices with heels.” I love that! What a great analogy.
Largemsg11196627622     Another blog, by SwanShadow, comments, “What’s Up With That? #6: Pointy-toed shoes – Ladies, help a brother understand: I don’t get the pointy-toed shoe thing. Easily the dorkiest women’s footwear innovation since those backless sneakers that were all the rage a few years ago.”
Oh yea, the answer is $228.00

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Feet

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I’d bet some of you are laughing. New Year’s resolutions for your feet! He must be nuts. Actually, I’m quite serious. Most resolutions people make have to do with something they find enjoyable or to change something that bothers them. I am going to assume that when you walk, run, hike, or participate in any sporting type activity, your purpose is to have a good time. If that’s true, then I’m sure you’d agree that when your feet are healthy and happy, it is easier for things to go right.
     So, let’s list a few things that are common feet problems. Here are what I call the top 10 issues people have with their feet:
1.    Blisters
2.    Ingrown toenails
3.    Athlete’s foot
4.    Plantar fasciitis
5.    Black toenails
6.    Achilles’ tendonitis
7.    Calluses
8.    Corns
9.    Bunions
10.    Toenail fungus

     Each of these can be bothersome—but they can be resolved—often very easily. In today’s information age, we are inundated with solutions to everyday problems. Some of these 10 can be managed with creams or ointments. Others will take a bit of effort to find the right solution. The important thing is to know there are solutions. Your feet don’t have to hurt, itch, or throb.
     So, take a moment and write down one New Year’s resolution for your feet. This is the first step in making a solution happen. If you want to share your resolution or make a comment, feel free to send me an email. In the days ahead, we’ll tackle some of these common problems. Until then, I wish you a happy New Year.

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