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It was an honor to have my Happy Feet blog chosen to the featured by Typepad. I use Typad to host the blog and every day they choose a blog to place in front of anyone who access their home page. The hits to the blog have increased by several hundred a week. If you are interested in starting your own blog, check out Typepad. Here is the link to show the feature page:
Typepad Featured Blog – Happy Feet – January 14, 2007

And here is what Typepad wrote: It’s easy to take our feet for granted. Until something hurts. John Happyfeet_1Vonhof takes his and your feet seriously. He’s the author of Fixing Your Feet: Prevention And Treatments for Athletes and the man behind Happy Feet, a place for advice on everything from choosing the right shoes and socks, to orthopedic shoe options, to patching heel blisters. Avid walkers will appreciate the post on Vonhof’s favorite socks, and those that hate shoes will find themselves welcome, too. Barefoot feet are happy feet, too. Readers will be surprised to find the wealth of info on their tootsies in this blog. It’s been running strong for a year and a half.

FIXING YOUR FEET E-zine – A Lace Alternative, Krazy Glue, and more

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Volume 7, Issue 1, January 2007
John Vonhof, Footwork Publications
Copyright, January 2007, All rights reserved


This issue has an editorial about a shoe with a lacing alternative.
There is information on using Krazy Glue for blisters, a bad feet
photo, and reader feedback.


The Fixing Your Feet E-zine is published monthly to inform and educate
athletes and non-athletes about proper foot care skills and techniques,
provide tips on foot care, review foot care products, and highlight
problems people have with their feet.

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Walking with Happy and Healthy Feet

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Many people today want to get out and get exercise but are stymied. They have problems of some sort—usually medical issues. I have a special pace in my heart for them because they need help in order to succeed.
     Here is a recent question I received by email: "I need some serious advice! This seems like the place to ask for it. I have a problem with arthritis in both knees. It makes walking difficult and somewhat painful.  I also have flat feet. I have a weight problem on top of that. The weight is causing more pain and damage to my arthritic knees. The doctor recommends walking instead of jogging to lessen the impact and still get a workout. What shoe do you all recommend that I buy to use during walking and workouts?"

My response follows: I would second the suggestion to walk instead of jogging. Walking is a great exercise and beneficial for losing weight and staying healthy. You don’t say where you live, but I would find a local running store, or sporting goods store (which often have walking shoes) and get fitted for a quality pair of shoes. With flat feet and a weight problem, having a good fit and a good supportive and cushioned shoe, will help any times over. You won’t walk if your feet are uncomfortable. Rockport, New Balance, Free Spirit, are a few names in walking shoes. I would not buy shoes over the Internet because you need to be fitted. The sales person should watch you walk and help you make an educated selection.

In order to walk, run, workout, or do any form of exercise involving the feet, one should have shoes that fit well and are comfortable. Too many people quit walking or quit working out because of hurting feet. Take a little time and get fitted for quality shoes by at a reputable store by knowledgeable sales people. Here is a past post on Getting a Good Fit With Your Shoes.

The Importance of Healthy Feet

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Many of us take our feet for granted. We get up in the morning, wiggle our toes a bit, and slide on socks and shoes. For most of us, that’s it. Until we get ready for bed in the evening, we give them Images_8little more thought. If we change shoes and socks during the day, it may be for a workout, or for some kind of sport, or in the summer, to put on sandals.
     Unless we have some type of foot pain, we give our feet little thought. If we get an itch around our toes, we may check them for athlete’s foot. If a toe hurts, we may check our nails in case they have become ingrown. And maybe once a month, we trim our toenails. That’s usually it.
     But our feet are vital to our existence. They get us from one place to another place. Take away the ability to walk and people’s lives can deteriorate.  For many people, walking is key to maintaining good health.  A walk a day can help people with weight reduction or weight control. In some cases it may be the only exercise they get. And walking is better and more fun when our feet are healthy and happy. Here are a few of the previous articles in this Happy Feet blog on keeping our feet healthy and happy:
Put Your Socks First
Filing Toenails
Keeping Your Feet Dry
Are Your Feet Pretty?
Watch and Wash Your Heels
Getting a Good Fit With Your Shoes
Insoles and Orthotics
Five Tidbits of Foot Care Wisdom
Those Pesky Ingrown Toenails
     I encourage you to check out some of these links and read how you can keep for feet healthy and happy.  If some of this is new to you, my book Fixing Your Feet (4th edition) and my booklet Happy Feet, are filled with tips and information on all aspects of foot care.

Patching Shoes

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I recently dug around in my utility room looking for an old familiar package. I had a shoe that needed patching.
23_2jpg     For years, I have had a tube of Kiwi Shoe and Boot Patch, and it never fails me. One of my casual shoes was squeaking when I walked. I discovered a small hole in the heel where it had worn done. The hole opened into a larger hollow chamber that is one of many in the shoe’s heel that provided cushioning. The squeak was not too bad—and then it rained. The hole allowed water in which, in short order, worked its way up into the inside of the shoe.
     I really hated to toss the shoes since that are comfortable and are in good shape, other than the hole. So, I went looking for my Kiwi Shoe and Boot Patch.
     The tube I have must be more than eight year old but is still good. I used an utility knife to cut into the hole and make a larger opening. Holding the rubber sole back with a screwdriver, I squirted some of the Kiwi patch inside, and held the rubber sole together for a few minutes. Wearing them to work the next day, the shoes were as good as new.
     If you don’t have a tube of Kiwi Shoe and Boot Patch around your house, I’d suggest spending six bucks to buy one. This shoe patch can be used on almost any shoe or boot. I have used it on running shoes many times, as well as work shoes and boots. I will sometime apply a piece of duct tape around the heel to allow the buildup of the patch to shape the heel back to normal. After the patch is dry, Hb0400102_2remove the tape and cut away any excess patch with a knife. If necessary, shape it further with a file.
     An alternative to the Kiwi patch, and just as good, is Shoe Goo. Same basic product, applied the same way. They also make a Shoe Goo II in black – perfect for dress shoes. The other patches are clear. For the record, these patches work on rubber, leather, vinyl, and canvas.
     These products are usually found at running and sporting goods stores. The links in this post are for M.R. Boots, an Internet source of both products at one place.

Foot Fetish

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People may wonder how anyone could pen a poem about feet. Several years ago I received an email with a poem written by Lisa Butler, an ultrarunner. I love this poem and feature it in my book, Fixing Your Feet. Lisa has captured the essence of well-used feet – feet that have supported their owner in many adventures. I encourage you to take a moment and read this poem. Many of us do not appreciate our feet for all they do. Thanks, Lisa.

Foot Fetish
by Lisa Butler

My feet are runner’s feet;
a little rough around the edges,
with black nails on the toes where I have nails at all
Lovingly decorated with bright colors.

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