Nike’s Inexpensive Shoes

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A few days ago I wrote about “Can Good Shoes also be Cheap Shoes?” This post will continue that theme – from a different vantage point.

     A month ago, an Associated Press story described the pairing up of discount shoe retailer Payless ShoeSource and Exeter Brands Group, a subsidiary of Nike. They are pairing up to produce and sell a “high performance $34.00 running sneaker.” The bottom line is that both companies want to take advantage of a highly lucrative market.

     Nike will produce the shoes under the label Tailwind Collection and Payless will serve as the Hpva1a_20070320_br1c2a_2 exclusive retailer. The Tailwind shoes will feature a honeycomb gel that compresses on impact. The Collection includes one running shoe, an athletic sandal, and slip-ons. The line is expected to be in all 4600 Payless stores by year-end. Click on the link above and then the "Tailwind" logo on the Payless Web site to see the new line.

     Several years ago, Nike formed Exeter to make inroads in the low-price athletic shoe market. Their Starter brand is sold in Walmarts and the SHAQ basketball shoe is sold to multiple mass retailers. 

     Clare Hamill, the president and CEO of Exeter, claims the honeycomb gel in the Tailwind shoes is about 20% more expensive than footwear without much technology. Cohen said, “This takes the low end to a new extreme…. and pushes the edge of technology.”

     So there you go. You can soon buy your running shoes and athletic footwear at Payless ShoeSource. No course, there will be no salesperson who knows anything about footwear and nothing about how to fit shoes, and are likely not athletes either.

     Note also that the Nike Air Tailwind will be disappearing from stores. How else can Nike and Payless promote the new Tailwind Collection when the name is so similar to an existing Nike shoe? Will people be confused?

     I will make a note to check out these shoes at my local Payless store. If your running is very casual and very low key, these shoes may be Ok for your feet. If you hate spending your next paycheck on shoes, they may also be a good choice. The Payless Web site shows the product line, and unless I missed something, the line is only for women. Oh yea, two of the shoes do not have laces – but Velcro. I thought Velcro was on shoes made for the much older generation! Cool.

     Be forewarned however, your feet can tell the difference between good fitting and good shoes, and poor fitting and cheap shoes.

FIXING YOUR FEET E-zine: About Toenail Fungus and Calluses

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Volume 7, Issue 3, March 2007
John Vonhof, Footwork Publications
Copyright, March 2007, All rights reserved


This issue has two articles. The first is about A Home Remedy for Toe
Nail Fungus. The second is Calluses: To Trim or Not To Trim.


The Fixing Your Feet E-zine is published monthly to inform and educate
athletes and non-athletes about proper foot care skills and techniques,
provide tips on foot care, review foot care products, and highlight
problems people have with their feet.

Read more

Can Good Shoes also be Cheap Shoes?

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Last night I watch a television news program in which one segment was about a National Basketball Association player decided to buck the trend and make quality shoes for $15.98. The show told how shoe companies were gouging teens and others by selling high priced footwear. We have seen the ads – shoes that are endorsed by Michael Jordan and others, which sell for outrageous prices. I am sorry but I don’t remember the player’s name. But I do remember that he wanted to make affordable shoes that teens would buy, that were the style and designs they wanted, were of good quality, and sold for 15.98.
     The show also showed a footwear expert, cutting his shoes in half and comparing them to competitor shoes—which sold for 10 times more. He stated that there was no real difference in the shoes. Here is a 15299161_l_2picture of the Jordan Men’s XX2 shoe. The cost? Are you sitting down? It’s $174.99!  That’s 11 times more expensive then the new $15.98 shoes that teens are buying off the shelves like crazy. And, of course, parents are happy their teens and kids are satisfied with the new less expensive shoes.
     So, you tell me, can you tell the difference in expensive versus inexpensive shoes? Have you tried inexpensive shoes? Or do you gravitate to the more expensive shoes because you just “know” they are better? And, if you saw the show, do you remember the player’s name?
     I won’t give away my bias in hopes some readers will share their experiences. Let me hear from you.

Footwear Reminder

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For many of us, spring is around the corner. The weather is turning and the days are longer thanks to the earlier day light saving’s time change. I, for one, love the longer daylight.
Sm310908032     As the weather gets better, we look forward to spending more time outdoors. This is a good time to take a few minutes and check out your footwear. Haul them out and go over them, one pair at a time.
     Check your shoes and/or boots for excessive sole wear, frayed shoelaces, torn uppers, lint and debris inside the shoes, flattened out insoles, and squished down midsoles. Any of these can cause problems as you change your gait in response to the worn shoes. More than your feet are affected. Changes move upward, affecting your ankles, knees, hips, and back. Don’t risk an injury because of worn out shoes.
     Keep your feet happy with good footwear.    

Put a Spring in Your Shoes

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Are you ready for the Catapult MMXT3 Gravity Defyer Shoe? I saw it in the Skymall catalogue on the plane last week. It caught my eye enough to check them out. It’s a pair of shoes for men that have springs built into the heels. So let’s see how much of the catalogue copy you buy into.
     Here is what the Web site says, “It was scientifically constructed with a hidden 1/8 inch shock under the heel that releases its reciprocating resistance power each time you step. As your weight Gravdefyerlandpg_03changes to the balls of your feet, the hidden shock absorber generates upward pressure pushing your body upward. This mechanism gives you the feeling of jumping like a kangaroo (or some say feel like flying) each time you step with the Gravity Defyer Shoe.”
     The shoe has a number of interesting parts: an air pressure valve, a hidden height enhancer, an air cavity, two springs, one an industrial grade master spring and the other an absorption stability spring further forward—all surrounded by a high grade polymer sole.
     "The energy reciprocating shock of the Gravity Defyer Shoe will spring you forward in life. The shoe is so much fun that the energy reciprocating shock of the Gravity Defying Shoe will actually give you the feeling of wanting to dance and be active. You might just find yourself joining a dance class soon! You will find a renewed enjoyment for walking places. You’ll park farther away at the grocery store, shopping mall, and the office just to get extra time walking in your Gravity Defyer Shoes. One thing is for certain: your lifestyle will change! Unlike traditional dress shoes that you can’t wait to take off to relieve your feet at the end of a long day, your feet will actually be begging you to put back on the Gravity Defyer Shoe."
    "It’s almost as if Aeolus, the Greek god of wind, himself has taken his powerful wind out of his bottles and put it into each of the Gravity Defyer Shoes. Your entire body will receive an energy burst when you slip on the Gravity Defyer Shoes because your joints and spine will no longer feel the full impact of your high impact life."
    "You will gain nearly two inches of height without looking like you are wearing platform or elevator shoes. The elegant design of the Gravity Defyer boosts you to new heights in your life Gravdefyerlandpg_07without a thick looking outsole. The design provides you with this additional height from the internal mechanics, rather than just slapping an extra 2 inches of rubber on the bottom of the shoe."
     Remember that all this technology doesn’t come cheap. The shoes will set you back $129.95. They are made by Alexander Innovation Wizard, a company that makes or sells other gadgets.
     Boy, the ad sold me on these shoes. Really! Well… no… not really. The reality of life is that I don’t think I could handle all the good things that will come my way from the Catapult MMXT3 Gravity Defyer Shoes. But, if they made them in a running shoe…!
     If you want to read more, check out Jared’s Bloggin’. He has a bunch of links to sites with reviews.

Easily Wash Your Feet

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Last week I took a trip to Florida for a conference—which explains the lack of a blog posting for a while. One of the things I enjoy is looking through the airline’s SkyMall catalogues.
     One of the neat ideas, which caught my eye, was the Soapy Soles Elite 3 in 1 Foot Washer. The Soapy Soles Foot Elite model is equipped with scrubbing fingers, foot massager and foot stimulator. A13154The blue footpad attaches to your tub or shower floor with suction cups and stays firmly in place. I like the idea of using it to clean my feet. It also reduces the risk of falls in the shower.
     It requires no bending or stretching to use. Simply wet it, apply a dab of liquid soap, and rub your foot back and forth for a thorough, soothing foot wash. Your feet will feel clean and refreshed like they were just treated to a world-class spa. Its dimensions are 11.5" L x 5.5" W x 1.25" H. The pad is dishwasher safe.
     Need to care for dry skin and care for calluses? The center oval of the Soapy Soles Elite 3 in 1 Foot Washer is detachable and can be replaced with the Elite Pumice Insert. Just pop out the center insert and pop in your pumice insert. Use the Pumice Stone for exfoliating and gently removing dead, dry skin. It leaves skin smoother and softer.
     ActiveForever is the manufacturer. You can check out the Soapy Soles Elite 3 in 1 Foot Washer at ActiveForever by clicking here. You can get it for $18.95. The Pumice Insert is $5.95. It can also be ordered through SkyMall.
     I like this product. Inexpense and easy to use and it will keep your feet happy.

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