You can be an Athlete and Have Nice Feet

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Sometimes athletes are under the mistaken impression that they cannot have nice feet. They think that Img_1455_copy_2the miles they run or hike, the blisters or calluses, the black or missing toenails, all mean they are relegated to bad or even ugly feet.
     Let me assure you that you can be an athlete and still have nice feet. Take a good look at this picture. The foot looks great dosen’t it? Even the toenails look good. Let me assure you this foot belongs to an athlete – and the other one is just as good.
     I took this picture several years ago when I was providing foot care at The Atacama Crossing, a Racing the Planet seven-day foot race across the high desert of northern Chile. The foot belongs to one of the women who ran the 150-mile race. She had learned how to care for her feet and what worked for her feet. Notice the nails are well trimmed. The skin is clean and no calluses are evident on the sides. The picture was taken half way through a 30 mile day.
     Whatever your sport, with a bit of care and knowledge about how to care for your skin, toes, and toenails, you can have nice feet.

FIXING YOUR FEET E-zine – Getting to Good Feet and blister tips

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Volume 7, Issue 4, April 2007
John Vonhof, Footwork Publications
Copyright, April 2007, All rights reserved


This issue has an editorial on the importance of getting your feet in
shape for summer – in one month, a foot care tip about blisters, and a
bad feet blister photo.


The Fixing Your Feet E-zine is published monthly to inform and educate
athletes and non-athletes about proper foot care skills and techniques,
provide tips on foot care, review foot care products, and highlight
problems people have with their feet.

Read more

Pre-Summer Foot Skin Care

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The weather is changing and with summer not far off, a word to the wise about foot care is in order. Lots of people like going barefoot around the house once warm weather starts. Bare feet can be refreshing and invigorating. Wiggling and curling your toes without socks, and stretching your feet, feels good.
     One important tip to get your feet in shape for summer is to care for the skin on your feet. Stop at your local drug store and select one of the moisturizing creams to start using at least every other day. Feet_fileThere are many to choose from and rather than list a few, it is better for you to look over your local selection. Read the tube or canisters to learn what they have in common. Pick one and use it regularly.
     Pay special attention to your heels and the balls of your feet. These two places are where the skin usually starts to harden and build calluses. If you have stubborn calluses, and have tried to soften them without success, try this trick. Apply the moisturizer in the evening before bed, than wrap a strip of plastic wrap around your heels, or feet, whichever area you want to soften. Leave it on overnight. In the morning, use a callus file or pumice stone to remove the loose skin. Then apply another light coating of moisturizer.
     Hardened or callused skin tends to get harder and more callused through the summer. Take a few minutes and get your feet in shape for the coming summer. Do what it takes to keep your feet happy.

Are Your Shoes Comfortable?

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I’ll admit it. I’m a foot watcher. Wherever I go, I look at feet.
     If the person is wearing sandals, I notice toes and heels. Are the toenails trimmed and clean? Are the heels smooth or callused? I also notice the sandals. Are they worn down so the person is walking on the Imagessides? Are they gunky and dirty? Many times dirty sandals means equally dirty and uncared for feet. If the sandals are worn down and dirty, I can’t see how they could be comfortable.
     If the person is wearing shoes, I notice the shoes and take in the structure of the shoe. Many times I see shoes that are worn in the heels or sides, so much so that the foot is canted towards one side. Often the uppers are worn through or so lifeless that they offer no support. I notice the laces. I really find it interesting to watch the shoe as they walk. Often times you can see the lack of support as the foot moves through it foot strike motion. Those shoes offer almost no support and usually no cushioning. They can’t be comfortable.
     I think many people wear the same shoes day after day, never really noticing that the shoes just plain aren’t comfortable anymore. They have become so used to the way the shoe feels that they don’t sense that the shoe isn’t doing its job anymore.
     Are your shoes comfortable? Do your feet feel good in the shoes? When you put them on and after wearing them for a full day? This goes for your everyday shoes as well as your dress shoes and sports shoes.
     When I wrote Fixing Your Feet, I made sure to include a lot of tips about making sure your shoes fit well. In fact I feel fit is the most important factor in preventing foot problems, from blisters to calluses and everything in between.
     I encourage you to learn more about making sure your footwear fits. Let’s keep your feet happy.

How Many Shoes Do You Have?

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I recently read an article in my local newspaper about shoe collectors. It told of a 19-year old young man who has a collection of, “…an astounding 140 to 150 sneakers.” He is part of a growing group of individuals called, sneakerheads. Many of these collectors are “… so passionate about their shoes that they will wait in line for hours, even days, and pay inflated prices for a paid of rare kicks.” The writer of the article admitted to owning only 20 pair.
     If the subject of sneakerheads interests you, you can read more at a couple of web sites I found through a Google search: a page from the Shanghai Star,,  and
Shoes_pile     So, being the naturally inquisitive person, I decided my count my shoes. My count? I have two pairs of tennis shoes, five pairs of running shoes (three trail and two road), three pairs of lightweight boots, three pairs of sandals, five pairs of dress shoes and one pair of golf shoes. That’s 19 pairs. To be fair, two pairs of the dress shoes are old and should be tossed while another pair doesn’t fit well. One pair of the tennis shoes is relegated for gardening—same for one pair of the sandals.
     Many athletes have a lot of shoes for a purpose. They rotate shoes every day or every few days. Their shoes get a chance to breathe and relax between uses. Good idea.
     So, how many pairs of shoes do you have?

Toenail Fungus and Calluses

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Last week I published the latest edition of my Fixing Your Feet e-zine. This link will take you there. The issue had two feature articles; the first is about A Home Remedy for Toe Nail Fungus. The second is Calluses: To Trim or Not To Trim.

     Both of these subjects are ones which I am a stickler on. I am a firm believer that many people today have toenail fungus and are either unaware of it or are avoiding dealing with it. I also talk quite a bit about the problems of calluses, especially if you are an athlete active in sports.

     I encourage you to click on this link to read the two articles. Take a moment and understand good foot care techniques for your toenails and calluses.

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