The Newton Running Shoe

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I have been running, to some degree, for about 24 years. Over that time, I have seen many new innovative shoe designs. Often, you read about the new design or concept in one of the sport specific magazines. Then the Internet came along and changed the way information was processed.
     Newton Running, a new running shoe company located in Boulder Colorado, recently released their new shoes. Their website,, offers four shoes for men and four more for women. Two in each of two categories: cushioned and stability categories.
     Newton shoes are based on an innovative concept. They say, “To discover your best running form all you need to do is run barefoot. You’ll immediately discover that when barefoot you’re not landing on your heels, you’re striking on your forefoot. Striking on your forefoot is the most natural way to run, it is also the fastest and most efficient way to run. Newton Running shoes were developed to make your feet think they’re barefoot and increase your performance.”
600     The Newton website has great video and graphics, and a very complete explanation of the technology and science behind their shoes. I encourage you to visit their website and click on Run Better and then How They Work. If you like seeing new designs in footwear, this is a shoe to check out. They are not cheap, but if they work for you, they could be worth it.
     Stephen Regenold, the editor of, recently reported on the Newton and his initial trials of the shoe are positive.
     I like one of the lines at the Newton website, “With normal running shoes you typically have to break the shoe in. With Newtons, you have to break into the shoes.” Sounds like these are shoes to keep your feet happy – I like that.

FIXING YOUR FEET E-zine – Foot Care 101, a New Foot Book, Products, and Tips

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Volume 7, Issue 5, May 2007
John Vonhof, Footwork Publications
Copyright, May 2007, All rights reserved


This issue has an editorial on Foot Care 101, a review of the new foot
book: Great Feet for Life, two
products to check out, two foot care tips, and some really bad feet in a picture you won’t believe. I also review an
interesting non-feet product, the new Trackstick.


The Fixing Your Feet E-zine is published monthly to inform and educate
athletes and non-athletes about proper foot care skills and techniques,
provide tips on foot care, review foot care products, and highlight
problems people have with their feet.

Read more

Smelly Feet? Here’s a Tip

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I came home from work the other day and my wife told me about a segment she had seen on Oprah. Oprah occasionally has a doctor on the show – Dr. Oz. I have seen him on the show a few times when my wife has taped a show. Dr. Oz is quite the hit and answers any question from the audience in an easy to understand way.
     In this show, Dr. Oz fielded an embarrassing question. It had to do with stinky feet. As I recall, he seems to get a lot of embarrassing questions. A lady shared her problem. “My feet are super stinky," she Imagessaid. "I’ve tried wearing just open-toed shoes, and I wash my feet all the time in the shower. Nothing works."
     What would you guess? More soap, special soap, creams, powder? No – tea! Dr. Oz suggested a simple home remedy—soaking her feet in tepid iced tea.
     It’s no surprise that so many people’s feet smell. After all, since our feet have so many sweat glands, a quarter million give or take one or two, it is no surprise they generate about a half a liter of sweat per foot in a day. But, lets be straightforward, the sweat on your feet is not the cause of the stink. Sweat is actually sterile. The stink comes from the fungus or bacteria—such as athlete’s foot. The warm environment inside a sock (or nylon), inside a shoe, is a great place for bacteria to start.
     To get rid of the bacteria, make a pot of some mild iced tea and put your feet in it for about 30 minutes a day for a week. Dr. Oz says, "The tannic acid in the tea will actually tan your foot a little bit, which will dry it out," he says. "That’s helpful in reducing the amount of sweat, and the odor as well." This is a good tip that can be done at home as well as on vacation, even during a multiday race.
     In addition to the tea, you can help your feet by wearing absorbent socks – moisture-wicking fabrics are best. If you wear socks at work, change them when you get home. Airing your feet by going barefoot can also help.
     An added note is in order. Ultrarunners have learned that soaking your feet in tea dries out the skin, which is also good at toughening the skin. Many athletes will do this before a big race to help prevent blisters.

Two Toms and Your Feet

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I recently returned from a two-week vacation in New England where I made a special point to stop by the Two Toms office. Tucked away in Dublin, New Hampshire, sits the office of this small company that has helped many an athlete. Some of you may be asking, who is Two Toms?
     Two Toms is the company that makes Blister Shield and Sports Shield. If you have problems with blisters or chafing, these are two products you should investigate.
Bs_family     Blister Shield Powder is applied directly to your feet or put inside your socks. Take my word for it, this stuff is slippery. Get the small packets to try or the larger sizes to keep at home.
     Sports Shield liquid roll-on is a lubricant that can be applied to any body part Ss_familyreceiving friction. Also offered in towelettes, Sports Shield is a must have for any athlete.
     The Two Toms staff was very helpful. I left with samples of both products which I will test extensively when I go to Canada next month to provide foot care at the Raid the North Extreme six-day adventure race.
     If you have battled blisters or chaffing, on your feet or anywhere else, I encourage you to check out Two Toms’ Blister Shield and Sports Shield. Go to the Two Toms website and read more about these two great products for people who love their feet.

Traveling With Happy Feet

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Last week I flew to New York for 10 days vacation in the New England states. Other than a long delay in Chicago, the flight went well. During the long flight from California to Chicago and then from Chicago to Albany, New York, I was again reminded of several easy ways to keep one’s feet happy during travel—especially airline travel.
     The first tip is about your shoes. Untie them as soon as you are up in the air. Spread the laces apart to relieve tension on the tops of your feet. If you are going to be in your seat for a long time, consider taking your shoes off for a spell.
     Secondly, work your feet. Sitting for long periods in a cramped plane seat can be tough. Make an effort to move your feet and toes, and legs to avoid problems. Write the alphabet with your toes, work your ankles side-to-side, and toes up and down. Stretch your feet to work your lower legs. This helps increase circulation—keeping blood flowing.
     These two tips work equally well for train and bus travel, and even extended periods in your car. A few minutes every hour spent working your feet during travel can help you feel better and keep your feet happy.

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