The Most Important Issue of my Fixing Your feet Ezine

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Last Friday I released the July issue of my Fixing Your Feet Ezine. If you are active and want to take good care of your feet, I urge you to read this issue. I have pasted the summary of the newsletter below so you can see the focus.

FIXING YOUR FEET E-zine – Blisters with Blood, and Staph and Cellultis Infections, and a lot more

This is a huge issue – almost 14 pages before formatting. However, in the seven years of publishing this newsletter, I think this is the most serious and important issue yet. It has in-depth focus on infections as a result of blisters. First read my editorial, Blisters Can Lead to Serious Infection, and then the feature article, My Infected Blister – Almost My Life! I think you’ll agree with Denise Jones, the Badwater Blister Queen, who told me, “This is indeed sobering and shocking (literally). I think people need to see this because I do not think they take blisters very seriously!” I urge you to fully digest the articles, then read the articles on Blood Blisters and Infections, Staph Facts and Cellulitis Facts.
     The issue also has several foot care products, a link to a video of my lancing a huge toe blister on YouTube, a Bad Feet photo and story, and reader feedback.

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2 Comments on The Most Important Issue of my Fixing Your feet Ezine

  1. Susan Alcorn on Mon, 6th Aug 2007 6:15 pm
  2. Hi John,
    As I wrote earlier, I love my new Injinji toed socks. They aren’t too hot, they can be worn while wet without causing blisters, and they’re extremely comfortable with no wrinkles. On our recent 300-mile backpack trip, I had NO blisters (rare for me!). However, within one week of using the socks (almost daily, but also washed daily), I had a hole in the heel. After the three weeks, I also had a hole where I have a bunion. The hole in the heel is now 3″ in diameter. By using our wonderful tape, I was able to cover my heel where the hole was, but I wonder if others have had the experience of these socks wearing out EXTREMELY fast. I figure at $15 a pair, I am spending about a $1 a day on socks–more worthwhile than spending it on candy or soda, but still!
    Susan Alcorn

  3. Todd Schafer on Thu, 18th Sep 2008 1:10 pm
  4. The scary trend now in medicine is the proliferation of methicillin resistant staph aureus, a particulary nasty bug.

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