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Volume 7, Issue 9, September 2007
John Vonhof, Footwork Publications
Copyright, September 2007, All rights reserved


This issue just barely makes it on the last day of September. Too much
to do and too little time. So this issue has a mix of items. An
editorial on Get Foot Care Advice, Give Advice, callus article
feedback, a bad feet photo, two foot care products, reader feedback, a
tough race, and an interesting non-feet product.


The Fixing Your Feet E-zine is published monthly to inform and educate
athletes and non-athletes about proper foot care skills and techniques,
provide tips on foot care, review foot care products, and highlight problems people have with their feet.

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Are Your Feet Wearing Out?

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Baby boomers are everywhere. About every eight seconds another baby boomer turns 50. In 1957 there were 4,300,00 new babies born, the highest yearly count in the boomer years from 1946 to 1964. I was born in 1947 when the number was 3,817,000. So what do many of the new baby boomers have in common? The answer is aging feet.
     What do aging feet look like? Allow me to paint a word picture. Toes start to curl. Tendons start to tear. Arches start to fall, and the foot becomes longer and wider. Nails thicken and crumble as toenail fungus becomes commonplace. The skin hardens and more calluses develop. In some cases, toenails become longer and untrimmed because of the loss of flexibility to reach them. The fat pad on the bottom of the foot thins and the feet often have a more boney appearance.
     As weight increases, even to the point of obesity, the pressures and stresses on the feet add to breakdown of joints, tendons and ligaments, and nerves. With obesity comes a greater risk of diabetes, the nation’s number one cause of amputated feet. Circulation is impaired and sores and skin breakdowns do not heal, become infected and develop into foot threatening ulcers.
     The picture I painted is often not pretty. As you might expect, daily foot care is important to one’s well being. When caught early, problems can be treated before they become difficult or impossible to treat. Well fitting shoes are key to healthy feet. If you have persistent foot pain, see your doctor.
     Whether this post applies to you, a parent, or some other loved one, take a moment out of your day to check your feet, or make sure they are.

Calluses and 2nd Opinions

September 9, 2007 by · Leave a Comment
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Over the past weeks, I have shared much of my thinking on calluses. If you read the last post and went over to my Fixing Your Feet newsletter for August, you read about how calluses affected the Badwater race of Jon, a runner from Australia.
     Lest you think that what happened to Jon is an uncommon occurrence, I want to share an email I received from an adventure racer named Matt. He wrote:
     “I completely agree with your position on calluses. Certainly, they represent a natural response the body is making to an irritant but they should be managed. I’ve participated in multi-day adventure races and 24-hour Rogaine events and found my teammates that had calluses as protection from blisters had the worst blisters. I’m fortunate that I read and learned your thoughts on the subject or I’d been right there with a huge blister problem. While I can’t say I’ve not had a blister since I started managing differently, I’ve certainly lessened the potential cause. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom.”
     The key to what he wrote is: “… my teammates that had calluses as protection from blisters had the worst blisters.”
     I have seen this time and time again. Calluses can offer a bit of protection against blisters, but the tradeoff is when you do blister with calluses, the blisters are bad. Often times they are larger and deeper since they are under the callused skin.
     Thanks Matt, I appreciate your comments. Thanks for the 2nd opinion.

More on Calluses

September 3, 2007 by · Leave a Comment
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Some of you may think I am taking this callus thread too far. What motivates me is the knowledge that I Jan_herrmann_right_foot_25__miles_2have seen many athletes who have suffered because of their calluses. To bring that point home, I’d like to ask a favor.
     If you are not a subscriber to my Fixing Your Feet newsletter, click here to go to the August edition. I managed to squeeze it out on August 30th, with one day left in the month. (Some months are like that, you just run out of time).
     The August newsletter has my short editorial, Are Calluses Really Bad. The feature article is My Best Blister Patch Job Ever. Please take a few minutes and read the two pieces. They go hand in hand. They are about calluses. One is my opinion and the other is a real life story of what happened because of calluses. True, it is an extreme case, but it could happen to others – and I want you to be informed. Here is one of the pictures from the article.
     My goal, as always, is to help you to happy feet.

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