FIXING YOUR FEET E-zine – Patching Blisters, Feet Questions, and more

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Volume 8, Issue 1, January 2008
John Vonhof, Footwork Publications
Copyright, January 2008, All rights reserved


This issue has an editorial on Patching Blisters – Then and Now, and an
article on Thinking Through Feet Questions. It also has two feet
related products, reader feedback, a Bad Feet photo of a blister at the
base of the little toe, and a piece on the SPOT Satellite Messenger.


The Fixing Your Feet E-zine is published monthly to inform and educate
athletes and non-athletes about proper foot care skills and techniques,
provide tips on foot care, review foot care products, and highlight
problems people have with their feet.

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There’s a Croc for You

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Recently I was doing some Web browsing and came across I would guess that many of you Crocs231372_99415_lg_2have seen these or at least heard of them. They may seem boxy in the toe, but these shoes have become one of the most popular and comfortable, shoe lines ever. Several companies offer a similar shoe.
     In the past few years their product line has grown. Crocs are now offered in styles for work, play, leisure, sports, So popular have they become that they can be bought in your favorite teams color and logo for football, baseball, and hockey; your favorite racing car personality; and college, volleyball tour, PGA 1336657golf, and winter models. Plus, there are models for specific industries like medical, food service – even for the business workplace. Designs and sizes are made for young kids to adults. There’s even fleece-lined model and sandals. Colors range from mild to eye-catching. Models for outdoor wear even come with a more rugged sole.
     The Crocs RX Relief model has a shock absorbing sole to relieve stress on feet, knees, hips and lower back; a roomy fore foot provides comfortable fit with no pressure points, relieving plantar fasciitis and heel pain, metatarsalgia, generally achy feet as well as bunions and other foot irregularities. It has an anatomically designed sole and side air portals to keep feet cool and dry.
     Can you run in them? Here’s a testimonial from Jason, “Just completed marathon number three in the same pair of trusty blue Crocs. They’re well traveled now with marathons 671762in Melbourne, Australia, Las Vegas, Nevada and now Portland, Oregon. Felt somewhat weird running a marathon through the HQ’s of Nike and Adidas in my Crocs but hey, whatever works! Injury free and ready for Tucson come December 10. With 5 marathons completed, I have now run more of them in my Crocs than in regular shoes! Thanks as always.” There are a host of testimonals at – in a variety of subjects. I found it fascinating to read through a few to see how people value their Crocs.
     Are Crocs for you? I think you’d be surprised at how comfortable they are. With the huge variety of design, color and purpose, I know you can find a pair for your feet.
     I have a feeling that if we could take a survey, we’d find more people wearing Crocs than any other shoe. They must be helping people to have happy feet.

The Shoelace Puzzle

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Yesterday I bought a pair of Rockport ProWalkers for casual wear. I bought them at a Rockport store in an outlet mall. Like I talked about in my last post, there was no sales clerk around. I found two pair around my Thumbnail_20060708shoelacessize and found a bench. Under the bench was a Bannock Device so I measured my feet. I know how they work but no one was around to tell anyone else if they were doing it right. Anyway, I ended up with an 11 wide and they fit well.
     The problem? The shoelaces are too short. While I can tie them, it’s just barely. No room for big fingers in the lace loops! Why can’t a brand name shoe company sell shoes with laces that fit? Is that too hard? Not as long as those in the picture here, but at least long enough to tie with a few extra inches for comfort.
     Could I have not purchased the shoes? Sure, but they are comfortable and it is hard to find wide shoes for my feet. I’ll make do – after buying a new pair of shoelaces.

What Size Are Your Feet?

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I was reading an article by the California Podiatric Medical Association where a podiatrist made an interesting statement. Daniel Altchuler, a board certified podiatrist, was talking about how when winter comes many people go from sandals to an enclosed shoe. His next sentence was, “And the biggest problem people face is that their shoes do not always fit properly.” He went on to say, “Feet change and it is amazing how many people are wearing the wrong-sized shoes.”  I agree wholeheartedly.

     Many of us buy shoes at the local store where shoes line the shelves and you help yourself. Row Bannock_device after row of different shoes, and based on the stores I have seen, no one to help make sure the shoes fit. So the general action is to grab a box off the shelf based on what you think your size is. Put the shoes on and, either they fit or they don’t.

     I suspect in most cases, whether they fit is strictly dependent on the wearer’s sense of comfort. Fit can be simple – it seems comfortable; or complex – length, width, toe box height, arch, heel control, instep lacing, insole firmness/softness, etc. How many times have you bought a pair of shoes only to get home and discover they really don’t fit? Have you ever bought shoes only to find that in the first or fifth time, tenth time running in them, that they hurt or pinch somewhere on your foot.

     So, my point is, take the time to have your feet sized whenever you buy shoes. The instrument you see pictured here is called the Bannock Device. This simple tool will tell you your shoe size.

     It’s worth it to keep your feet happy and healthy.

Wet Shoes

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It has been raining here for several days now. That made me think of how sometimes we forget to take proper care of our shoes after wearing them in the rain. To save your shoes from faster than normal deterioration from the excess moisture, here a few tips. Do not put them in the dryer and do not place them directly over a heater or too near a heat source. Remove the laces and open the tongue so the shoe can breathe. Remove the insoles so they dry outside of the shoes. Stuff newspaper into your wet shoes to help dry them out overnight. Before using them again, sprinkle a bit of baking soda powder into each shoe and again after using them. Remove the insoles and shake the shoes to get the powder evenly distributed. The baking soda will also help control the harsh smells that are common with wet or heavy sweating inside shoes. Rotate between two pairs of shoes to give them a chance to dry out.

A Daily Ritual for Healthy Feet

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2008 is here and many people make New Year’s resolutions. These resolutions are good and can be a catalyst to a better life. So, let’s consider a New Year’s resolution that is not typically high on our list – our feet.
Serhands     Each morning before pulling on your socks, take a few seconds to run your hands over your feet to check for anything out of the ordinary. Ask yourself some questions:
•    Do I see any redness?
•    Are there any cracks or cuts in the skin?
•    Do my nails need trimming?
•    Is there are redness or tender areas at the nailbeds?
•    Do I see any scaly skin?
•    Does anything itch?
•    Do I have any old blisters that need attention?
•    Is there pain anywhere?
•    Do I have any callus buildup that needs attention?
•    Do I see any corns or plantar warts?
•    Does anything feel funny?
If any of the checks are positive, give your feet their needed attention. Not sure what they need? Check your copy of Fixing Your Feet for the answers. Don’t have a copy? Get one here at

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