A Small Irritant Under Your Foot

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One grain of sand!

One grain of sand!

Last week we were in Palm Desert and spent a day as spectators at the PGA Bob Hope Golf Classic. How does this relate to foot care? Read on.


Between one of the holes was a patch of sand where we had to walk to get to another green. As we walked across the sand, I must have picked up a few grains of sand. I didn’t notice it at first. We stood around, watching several rounds of golfers come through. Occasionally we moved back and forth between the 16th green to the tee box on the 17th hole – maybe 50 yards.

Then I felt an irritant in my right shoe. It was a small sharp pain under my heel.  Not a big thing, but an irritant nonetheless. I ignored it but it made its presence know every time I walked. Finally I removed the shoe and found one small grain of sand. One grain!

Time after time, we find junk in our shoes and too often we ignore it. Over time, this junk, sand, dirt, a small stone, leaf, or piece of a branch, can cause trouble – for which you’ll pay. A hot spot, a blister, a tear in the sock, or a tear in the insole covering. Or, even worse, we alter our gait – and one thing leads to another – and our knee, hip, or back starts to hurt.

Maybe this seems like a no-brainer, but I have seen athletes suffer because of ignoring this advice. If you feel something in your shoe – stop and remove it. Your feet will be happier.

Safe Feet Equals Safe Body

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Winter is here and with it
comes cold, rain, mud, hail, sleet, snow, mud, slush, and ice – all of which
can contribute to unsafe walking and running conditions.

Select the right footwear
for whatever your activity will be. That may seem simple, but it is easy to
forget our footwear choices. Whether you are outside for work, pleasure, or sport,
make sure you are attentive to the conditions of where you walk or run. One
slip can ruin an otherwise good day. None of us wants a sprained ankle, twisted
knee, or even worse, a fall resulting in a broken bone, hip, back, or head
injury. Falls are more common in the winter because of weather conditions and
the shorter hours of daylight.

Wear sensible shoes. Wear
shoes or boots with good tread. Many times shoes made for everyday wear become slippery
in wet conditions.

Take care to choose footwear
that keeps your feet dry and warm. Good socks are also part of the bigger picture.

Take care of your feet with
good choices of “winter-ready” footwear to keep your feet and your body safe
this winter.

Happy New Year From Happy Feet

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2009 has ushered itself in
and with it comes hope for many people. Our world is changing and it is my hope
that 2009 will be a good year for you. And of course, I hope 2009 will be a
good year for your feet too!

I have just completed a
redesign of
FixingYourFeet.com and New Years day is a good day to roll it out
to my readers. Check out the new site. There are new articles, a blister video,
product links and foot links, related books, and more. If you would like to
read an article on a specific topic, please
send me an email.

In the months ahead, I plan
on adding more articles, and based on feedback, even more features. I hope to
one day incorporate this Happy Feet blog with my
Fixing Your Feet E-zine into
one link on

Now, here is my New Year’s foot
care tip. Winter brings drier air to our homes. Make sure you use a moisturizing lotion on your feet to keep the skin soft and supple. Taking a few moments once
or twice a week will go a long ways top having healthy feet when Spring

Once again, happy New Year
from Happy Feet.

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