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The June 2009 issue of Men’s Journal has a small filler piece at the bottom of a page that told of a man who ran seven marathons in five days. It seems Richard Donovan broke Sir Ranulph Fiennes’s mark by running seven marathons on seven continents in five days, 10 hours and eight minutes. I’m impressed. 

Richard Donovan

Richard Donovan

He ran his first marathon in Nova, Antarctica at 2:50 am on Saturday and finished his fourth at 4:00 am Monday morning in London – in a snowstorm. As you might guess, much of his time was spent in transit. The World Marathon Challenge website has a lot of information on what he did, including maps. Over the course of the 130 hours and 8 minutes, he ran a total of 295km (183 miles), spent over 62 hours on planes, and flew 43,000km. The route took him from a Russian base on mainland Antarctica to Cape Town, Dubai, London, Toronto, Santiago and eventually Sydney. He ran these marathons back in January.

Admirably, in undertaking this challenge, Richard wanted to specifically draw attention to the GOAL charity’s humanitarian work in Darfur.

Then I received an email asking about how to manage feet in a multiday event. This is similar to what Richard Donovan must have been doing (hopefully). In Fixing Your Feet I have a chapter on Extreme Conditions & Multiday Events. I thought a brief overview would be helpful.

I wrote the following to the Kurt, who had asked the question:

Stage racing foot care is largely proactive prevention rather than reactive. That means reducing calluses, trimming toenails short and filing them smooth at the tips (I’ve written a lot on toenail care), wearing the best possible fitting footwear, good insoles that won’t give you blisters at the side of the heal (a very common problem area), wearing the best possible socks (I prefer Drymax and think they are the best), changing socks regularly, airing and elevating feet when resting and sleeping, the use of Hydropel as a lubricant (which also helps control moisture), knowing how to do preventive taping, knowing how to patch hot spots and drain and patch blisters, carrying a good foot care kit, and educating yourself about foot care. Sounds simple right?


Injinji socks under Smartwool socks in the seven day Atacama Desert Race

Injinji socks under Smartwool socks in the seven day Atacama Desert Race

Most of the things above are just as important when doing a long hike or walk, or any significant distance run or adventure race. Forget one item and you will probably be okay. Forget two or more and the odds of a successful event are reduced. For Richard Donovan, messing up his feet during one of the first three marathons would have spelled disaster and cost him the chance to do seven in five days.

If you are looking for a one stop shopping place gear for stage racing or any long race or event, for my book, Drymax socks, Hydropel, Kinesio Tex tape, tincture of benzoin, and more, check out ZombieRunner. Click on the “Online Shopping”. I also sell the book at my website and it is available through Amazon, but lots of the stuff you could use is at ZombieRunner.

I will have to investigate talking to Richard Donovan. He sounds like an interesting guy.

As a matter of disclosure, although I receive a small incentive to refer athletes to ZombieRunner, I send people there because it is the best place to purchase many items related to foot care – all in one place. Don and Gillian have helped thousands of athletes get the stuff they need.

The Golden Rule for Your Feet

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The signature line on Mike’s email caught my eye. “Treat your feet as you would have yourself be treated.” He called it, Running’s Golden Rule.”

Can you love your feet?

Can you love your feet?

Because feet have always interested me, I asked him to tell me more.

Mike says, “I think it means the same as The Golden Rule: Take care of your feet and they will take care of you; treat your feet with respect and kindness and they’ll support you in tough times; be your best friend to your feet and they’ll be your best friend when you need one most.

I like that. Too often we relegate our feet to the end of the line. Sure we buy good footwear and socks – but that’s it – we forget about the feet themselves. We forget quality toenail care and then wonder why we get black toenails. We forget about callus control and then wonder have to deal with blisters underneath them. We fail to deal with corns, Athlete’s foot, and other problems common to feet. We get blisters but don’t take time to figure out why we get then and learn measures to prevent and treat them.

To often we forget the Golden Rule: “Treat your feet as you would have yourself be treated.” Actually, it is pretty easy. A few minutes a day it all it takes.

Cheap Shoes?

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Most of us know that we are in a recession. Many have changed their spending habits; making cuts here and there. People are looking for deals, discounts, and sales. Athletes are no different.

Cheap shoes are bad for your feet.

Cheap shoes are bad for your feet.

Today’s newspaper ran an article about changing spending habits. What caught my eye was the statement that:

“Those on the go are not shying away from footing the bill for sturdy running shoes. Sales increased two percent in 2008, said Tom Doyle at the National Sporting Goods Association in Mount Prospect, Ill. Runners aren’t going to hurt themselves to save a few bucks.”

That makes me smile. People, especially athletes, know that buying cheap shoes will result in an increased chance of injuries. Cheap shoes will fall apart faster, will not fit well, lack in support – in short, they lack quality.

When you buy footwear, do not cut corners. High quality, well made shoes feel better on your feet. They, and you, will perform better. After all, that’s what it’s all about.

Wobble Boards for Strong Ankles

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Are you looking for better balance, faster rehabilitation and improved sports performance – and stronger ankles? Regardless of your age or ability, daily use of a balance board or wobble board is an asset to your fitness, health and well-being. You’ll experience improved balance, coordination, body awareness, core strength and stability. Personal trainers and physical therapists often recommend wobble boards.

Fitterfirst balance training fitness equipment and rehabilitation aids are made by an established company dedicated to great products. We all can improve physical fitness and overall health by engaging in balance, agility and mobility training. A few minutes each day spent strengthening your ankles will do wonders whether walking, running, hiking, adventure racing – actually any sport.

Fitterfirst Wobble Board

Fitterfirst Wobble Board

Fitterfirst professional series wobble boards are made of a durable 3/4″ Baltic Birch and feature a patented Tri-Level adjustment system, which allows for a quick and easy change to the difficulty level. Simply spin the sphere and select which setting suits your balance ability and in seconds you can be working towards better S.A.M. (Stability, Agility, and Mobility).

A wobble board can be used for daily balance maintenance at the home or office, while talking on the phone, or while watching television.

Fitterfirst wobble boards are adjustable to several different degrees, working your ankles from beginning exercises to advanced. I have had a Fitterfirst wobble board for years and it has held up well – and can be used anywhere. If you have weak ankles, or want to strengthening them for summer activities, a wobble board is a great investment.

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