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Yesterday I watched hikers, backpackers, and walkers do their best to pick the right footwear out of dozens of possible choices. It was a madhouse.

I had done a foot care clinic at the Berkeley REI store. It was fun with 40 people attending. Rather than 1 hour, it lasted 1-½ hours. They had lots of questions. Good questions. They ranged from neuromas, taping, blisters, plantar fasciitis, toenails, minimalist footwear, barefoot running, and a few others. The guy in the front row ended up with all fingers on one hand tapes (to simulate toes), plus tape on the palm of his hand (to simulate taping he ball of the foot). Earlier I had talked to the footwear sales staff to give them tips on footwear and answer their questions.

So, as I said, it was a madhouse. The store was packed. REI put together a Foot Wear Festival with 12 footwear vendors on hand to promote their wares – and my free clinic.

Stacks of shoes

Stacks of shoes

Adults, teens and children were there to pick out shoes, boots and sandals. The crowd never stopped the whole day. REI staff worked like dogs, assisted by the vendor reps, to bring out stacks and stacks of footwear. I talked to a few folks who had been in my clinic as they tried to pick the best for their feet.

I had told them to buy footwear based on what they wanted to do, the weight of their packs, experience level, and any pre-existing foot conditions. I watched them look at the footwear from different angles, look inside, feel inside, try them on and walk around, stand on the artificial rocks to try different positions, and more. Many were doing a good job.

I had told them earlier that I believe there is more than one pair of shoes that is correct for their feet. Whether picking running shoes, boots, or sandals, there is more than one for you. Pick your footwear based on function and form, and above all, comfort. After walking around the store in them, then take them home and spend time wearing them for several hours. Make sure they feel right and don’t have any rough spots. Then when you are satisfied, wear them outside – and enjoy them.

Fixing Your Feet on the Kindle and Kindle app

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Get Fixing Your Feet on the Kindle of the Kindle app for other devices

Get Fixing Your Feet on the Kindle of the Kindle app for other devices

Last week I learned from my publisher, Wilderness Press, that the 4th edition of Fixing Your Feet is available on the Kindle. The price? A cheap $9.99.

This is great news, especially for those who own a Kindle. Don’t own a Kindle? Don’t fret. I typed “Kindle app” into Google and fond there are Kindle apps for the iPhone, the IPod Touch, the iPad, Macs, android and Blackberry phones, and PCs,

This means you are no longer limited to reading from the paper version of Fixing Your Feet. The Kindle app means you can keep Fixing Your Feet in your pocket.

Got a question on blister care or how to treat a sprained ankle at the finish line of a race? Pull out your Kindle version of Fixing Your Feet and find the answer.

I was close to buying a Kindle and then watched the rollout of the iPad. Being a Mac person, the iPad interested me. I am still on the fence though. I don’t have an iPhone – yet. My carrier, Verizon, is rumored to begin offering iPhones this fall. Maybe then I’ll switch. And of course, I will get my own Kindle version of Fixing Your Feet to carry in my pocket.

Vibram FiveFingers

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These Vibram FiveFingers changed my life!

Vibram FiveFingersThis simple statement caught my attention last weekend while spending six days at a writers’ conference near Santa Crux, California. The lady showing me her footwear discovery was about 70 years old. She told me how as a child she injured both heels and had struggled with bad footwear and could not run – even walking hurt.

Then she found Vibram FiveFingers. Now she runs and recently finished a 5KM race. She showed me how she runs on the balls of her feet. A conferee had asked me a question about her feet and I told her she needed to talk to the lady with the FiveFingers. They talked quite a while and she came away eager to check out her running store when she got home – our Internet search shows they carry the FiveFinger.

Another convert.

I read an email from a member of a listserv. He said, “My calves and glutes hurt like hell, but that’ll pass. My gait has also changed; fore- or mid-foot strike instead of heel strike.”

While Vibram FiveFingers are not for everyone, they are working for a huge number of athletes.

Have you tried them yet?

Not sure where to find them? The Vibram FiveFingers website offers a store locator, otherwise check out Zombierunner.com.

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