Vibram FiveFingers Alert

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One of my coworkers has become a FiveFingers convert. He used to run but knee and gait issues caused him to stop. FiveFingers, he realized, allowed him to run again. He is in training for a triathlon this fall.  His runs are short – two to three miles.

FiveFingers are all the rage. Many runners are buying them. Non-runners read Born to Run and decide to by a pair of Vibram FiveFingers (VFFs). Many do not understand the basic tenets of barefoot running and become injured. Others preserve and love the unique footwear.

This sudden surge in popularity has led to a host of fake FiveFinger being sold on the Internet. The only surefire way to protect yourself from fakes is to be informed.

Vibram's Warning

Vibram's Warning

Vibram has the image (shown here) on their website homepage.  It opens an alert to inform readers about issues with fake FiveFingers. In part, it says, “We want to inform you about our efforts to fight the sale of counterfeit merchandise, a serious menace that has recently surfaced after the success of our authentically unique Vibram FiveFingers. Fake merchandise and trademarks appear daily in the market, often sold from unauthorized or fraudulent Vibram or FiveFingers websites.

Please refer to this website to:

◦                Find the list of authorized Vibram FiveFingers retailers and distributors:

◦                Verify our phone number, address, and contact information; many counterfeit sites won’t provide this information.

◦                Verify the stock list of colors and styles we produce.”

Vibram Protecting its Copyright

Vibram Protecting its Copyright

I love this ad that Vibram uses to enforce their brand.

If you have questions or concerns about suspicious websites, on-line discounted sales, or counterfeits of Vibram designs please contact Vibram at

A great website to bookmark as a favorite is This huge website does a fantastic job of informing readers of what’s new with VFFs. Their website says,

“ALERT! As many as half of the search results on Google for [Vibram Five Fingers] are fake five fingers retailers and MANY fake five fingers retailers are utilizing Google Ads to hock their counterfeit wares!

“All authentic Vibram Five Fingers are going to have the Vibram yellow octagon stamp on their sole. Additionally, any “Vibram” branding should be yellow (and not white or blue or some other color).

The site adds, “The BirthdayShoes Store lists out many (but not all) online retailers of Vibram Five Fingers. Realize that in the United States retailers are only allowed to sell Vibram Five Fingers online if they have a brick and mortar store. Ever wondered why VFFs weren’t on Zappos? It’s because of this policy. To my knowledge, there are no brick and mortar stores that exclusively sell Vibram Five Fingers! By extension, there should be no online retailers who only sell Vibram Five Fingers and no other products – except for, of course!

“If you’re on a website that is selling Vibram Five Fingers to U.S. buyers, look for a physical address. If the site indicates it will be shipping you the product from some place around the world, raise an eyebrow! If said online retailer appears to be only selling Five Fingers (and no other products), this is a red flag!

“Many of these fakes are making it onto eBay. Reality is that no legitimate retailer of VFFs is allowed to sell Five Fingers on eBay! So apart from one-off eBayers trying to unload a single pair here and there, be very suspicious of eBayer resellers who are selling VFFs!” even maintains a list of known fake Five Fingers retailers – and the list keeps growing.

Fixing Your Feet Goes to the TransRockies

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In two weeks I will take Fixing Your Feet to Colorado for the 2010 Gore-Tex TransRockies Run.

The TransRockies is a six-day stage race where teams of two tackle different sections of trail each day. August 22 to 27 is the official race. Before the race is registration and the typical “get to know you” meetings. The current start list shows 118 teams. Runners will start in Buena Vista and end in Beaver Creek, about 115 miles.


In addition, the TransRockies Run3 will take place the first three days of the longer race. This shorter race is limited to 50 solo runners.

I will be assisting on the medical team – working on feet. If you will be there, make sure you come up and introduce yourself.

With over 250 runners for six days, I hope they come with some of their own foot care materials. I will pack my usual supply of tapes but it is hard to anticipate the quantity I need for that many runners over six days.

If you have a chance, check out their website:

What’s Next in Footwear?

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When I started running in the early 80’s, there were the usual “brand” name shoes. I remember buying my first pair, New Balance, and that they cost $45.00. Since then, I have owned many pairs of shoes. Some for road and many for trails.

In all that time, there have been only one or two pair that were bad choices. They simply weren’t right. The rest have served me well.

Now, shoes have become more complex. There are many more to choose from. Companies are coming out of the woodwork to get a piece of the running shoe market. They all have their acronyms and fancy names for the features their shoes offer. Some of this makes we wonder how different are some of these features? Many shoes seem to be so similar. Every company wants us to believe that their shoes are perfect for our feet.

Now the tide has turned.

Shoe companies have designed footwear that takes us back to our roots. Born to Run has inflicted athletes with a desire to run natural. In bare feet or something as minimal as possible.

So now one of the big sellers is Vibram’s FiveFingers. With their individual toes, many runners are trying them. People are finding FiveFingers help them walk and run in spite of old injuries that, with “normal” shoes, they could not do.

Are these the next footwear design?

Are these the next footwear design?

So, what’s next in footwear?

I found this photo and thought it was great. Maybe this is where we are going. Vibram will offer a new design in their FiveFingers line. You’ll be able to but the shoes in a variety of skin colors, with or without toenails, or with a few black toenails. Maybe even a fake blister painted on.

Would buy a pair. Just for fun?

As a disclaimer, I wish I knew the source of the photo so I could credit it. Sorry.

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