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For years blister care has been fairly standard. Many athletes use Second Skin over the top of a blister and then apply tape to hold that in place. Some still use Vaseline. Others will drain the blister and cover with a Band-Aid or athletic tape. And some will use zinc oxide under tape.

All can work – but some work better than others. I’ve seen many runners who have tried one of the above with poor success.

Sometimes the lack of blister patching success happens because of a poor tape job. Maybe too little adhesive around the patch and it didn’t stick. Maybe the blister was not lanced correctly and refilled with fluid. Or maybe the Second Skin migrated under the tape and folded on itself or might have been old and too dried out to work as designed. Or the Second Skin made the skin too moist and maceration occurred, causing more problems. Or too little Vaseline or zinc oxide was used and friction reoccurred, leading to an increase in fluid.

So here’s the deal. I am interested in hearing from a few athletes, runners or adventure racers, walkers or hikers – who get serious blisters almost every time they go out. I don’t mean a minor ¼ inch blister, but a blister ½ inch or larger, anywhere on the foot. And especially those where the roof tears off, leaving raw skin underneath. The worst, the better and the bigger the better. This is not a prevention item but would be used as a treatment for formed blisters.

I have a product to test and need four to six testers.

Send me an email and tell me about yourself, what you are doing when you get blisters, and how you have treated them in the past – what you have tried and what worked or didn’t work. If will do my best to respond to all who send me an email. Please sned an email rather than a comment on the blog.

I’ll pick the best of the worst cases and supply you with sample product and suggested ways I want you to use it in the trial. I’ll give you forms to use to record your results and may ask for a photo or two. I will ask for your confidence in the trail until I can judge the results.

I make no guarantees as to whether this will work or not. But I think it’s worth a test. This is not a homegrown product but one made by a medical company.

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One Comment on Blister Volunteers Needed

  1. Jenny Grothe on Sat, 12th Jan 2013 3:25 pm
  2. Hi John! I wanted to send you an email, but it looks like it’s not working. I’d really love to be considered for this product you are referring to. I got the worst blood blister (around 1 1/2″) on the front inner part of my left foot when I ran Boston in 2011. It took over a month to heal. Well, I took quite a while off of running, but I’ve started training again for Boston later this year. Up until now most of my longer runs have been mid range, and I’ve only had small blisters in that same place – managable. Today I ran 17 miles, and I’ve got the same problem I had in Boston. It’s probably an inch in diameter, but it it is thick and full of blood. I’m open to all remedies. This is the first of many long runs I have ahead of me, so the sooner I can figure out how to fix the problem, the better. Thank you in advance for your help! 🙂 xoxo

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