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Many of you have heard of John Morelock, an ultrarunner and the author of Run Gently Out There: Trials, trails, and tribulations of running ultramarathons. John’s a friend to many and frequently does encouraging posts on Facebook.

Well, John’s come into tough, hard times – and can use our support.

On Monday November 14, John wrote a Facebook post that told about his new challenges.

Monday Monday… learning words I never wanted to learn; words like: peritoneal carcinomatosis, abdominal carcinomatosis, and one really catchy phrase: “Usually there is no realistic hope of curative therapy, although chemotherapy and radiotherapy may have a palliative effect.” I think the running is over. Ratz. Pragmatism sets in as I think of a mountain of medical bills (unexpected) soon to start trickling in.

Hmmmmm, what to do? I am not really employable; slow learner, set in my ways, no marketable skills, and I am ill… hmmm. Aha! I’ll prey on people’s sympathies to sell my book. It would be a nice Christmas present for runners, walkers, hikers, or anyone who loves the outdoors. Yes, that’s it. In lieu of a gofundme, I will try to get everyone to buy a copy of my book; then tell all your friends to buy one; then tell strangers in the mall; then…

Run Gently Out ThereSo that’s where we come in.

Go along with the John in Run Gently Out There as “… he takes you on a run that is not about anyone in particular, rather it is about what makes running trails and ultramarathons become a love affair with being out there and how running becomes part of a way of living.” You’ll be inspired, encouraged, and entertained as John takes you through the journey of ultrarunning.

This is a good time for the ultrarunning family to pull together to support one of us. Go to Amazon and purchase a copy of John’s book, either in print or Kindle ebook form. Here’s the link to Run Gently Out There in Amazon. Then tell someone else about the book. It’s a great Christmas gift.

I’ll be back next week with a post about a new insole and then a new sock.

Above Your Feet – Shin Splints

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Occasionally, I’ll talk about something not directly about feet. Today’s one of those days.

James Dunne, over at, posted a blog post about shin splints. He said, “If you haven’t suffered from shin splints yourself (and I hope you haven’t), I’ll bet you know a runner or two who have – It’s such a common injury.” I agree.

The blog post is written by Brad Beer and is titled Can You Run Through Shin Splints. He writes, “The typical risk factors that contribute to the onset of shin pain are: training errors (a sudden spike in training load intensity, volume, or both; or failure to schedule appropriate rest between sessions), an over-striding gait (where the foot lands out in front of the runner’s body), a deficit in hip strength (collapsing at the hips), and inappropriate or worn out shoes.”

In the post, Brad talks about the symptoms of shin splints, how to recover from them, what causes them, and returning to running. It’s a good article and easy to read. If you or a friend suffers from this bothersome pain, I encourage you to check out the post. Here’s the link again, Can You Run Through Shin Splints?

Brad knows of which he speaks. Here’s his bio – it’s very impressive.

Brad is an experienced and much sought after physiotherapist who owns and runs Pogo Physio on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Brad is also the author of Amazon’s best selling You Can Run Pain Free: A Physio’s 5 Step Guide to Enjoying Injury Free and Faster Running (Brad’s website with additional information) and regularly contributes to the media (4CRB and Juice 107.3FM Radio, Gold Coast Bulletin, Run for Your Life Magazine). Brad is a triathlete and runner, having been a Silver Medallist at the 2012 ITU World Age Group Triathlon Championships and 2012 Australian Triathlon Champion Olympic Distance (30-34yrs). He has also completed many marathons and running events. Here’s the link to You Can Run Pain Free for U.S readers.

While your’re at Kinetic-Revolution, check out James’ articles, videos and free resources. There’s a wealth of information for runners of all levels. His tagline is Building Better Runners.

Green Goo Salve for Feet

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This summer at the Outdoor Retailers Show in Salt Lake City I discovered Green Goo products. Their business card says they are “Rethinking First Aid.” The company is based out of Lyons, CO.

Their salves are 100% natural from organic farmers. The fresh and dried herbs are infused in organic oils for an increased medicinal value. The salves are made for use with cuts, scrapes, blisters, sunburns, chafing, poison ivy, cracked hands and feet, on insect bites, and as a wound dressing.

Foot Care Salve

Green Goo Foot Care salve

The Green Goo Foot Care salve is described as “… an herbal power packed formula that helps to relieve cracked heels, blisters, athlete’s foot, fungus, dry feet, ingrown toenails, rashes, and cuts. Our proprietary blend of Calendula and Yarrow, plus 6 other healing herbs, naturally soothes and protects your feet.” Additionally, it does not contain: petroleum, parabens, propylene glycol, phthalates, mineral oil, or any artificial ingredients, and is gluten free. The website gives the ingredients for all their products. Packaging is a small .7oz tin ($7.95), a larger 1.82oz tin ($12.95), or a travel stick .6oz ($9.95). The Green Goo Foot Care small tin and stick are perfect for carrying in a hydration pack or backpack.

Other salves for athletes include First Aid, Pain Relief, Dry Skin Care for moisturizing, and Solar Goo for sun exposure protection.

They offer additional products for pets, a natural deodorant, skin care, mamma and kids, and intimacy. Check out their full line of products at GreenGoo.

I like the Green Goo products and came home with several tins. I tried the Foot Care and First Aid salves and like how they work. They are a new addition to the 6th edition of Fixing Your Feet and are a prefect addition to your foot care and first aid kits.

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