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Many of you have heard of John Morelock, an ultrarunner and the author of Run Gently Out There: Trials, trails, and tribulations of running ultramarathons. John’s a friend to many and frequently does encouraging posts on Facebook.

Well, John’s come into tough, hard times – and can use our support.

On Monday November 14, John wrote a Facebook post that told about his new challenges.

Monday Monday… learning words I never wanted to learn; words like: peritoneal carcinomatosis, abdominal carcinomatosis, and one really catchy phrase: “Usually there is no realistic hope of curative therapy, although chemotherapy and radiotherapy may have a palliative effect.” I think the running is over. Ratz. Pragmatism sets in as I think of a mountain of medical bills (unexpected) soon to start trickling in.

Hmmmmm, what to do? I am not really employable; slow learner, set in my ways, no marketable skills, and I am ill… hmmm. Aha! I’ll prey on people’s sympathies to sell my book. It would be a nice Christmas present for runners, walkers, hikers, or anyone who loves the outdoors. Yes, that’s it. In lieu of a gofundme, I will try to get everyone to buy a copy of my book; then tell all your friends to buy one; then tell strangers in the mall; then…

Run Gently Out ThereSo that’s where we come in.

Go along with the John in Run Gently Out There as “… he takes you on a run that is not about anyone in particular, rather it is about what makes running trails and ultramarathons become a love affair with being out there and how running becomes part of a way of living.” You’ll be inspired, encouraged, and entertained as John takes you through the journey of ultrarunning.

This is a good time for the ultrarunning family to pull together to support one of us. Go to Amazon and purchase a copy of John’s book, either in print or Kindle ebook form. Here’s the link to Run Gently Out There in Amazon. Then tell someone else about the book. It’s a great Christmas gift.

I’ll be back next week with a post about a new insole and then a new sock.

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