eNZees Foot Soothers for Your Feet

Whenever we talk about hot spots on our toes or heel, or other places on our feet, the common suggestions are lubricants and tape. It’s the same thing when we think about blister prevention. That’s what we’ve heard or been taught for years. Today I want to introduce you to another, more natural option – lambswool.

eNzees Foot Soother

eNZees Foot Soother has the best lambswool product for our feet. Their wool comes from sheep in New Zealand. Jill Schuman lives in Durango, Colorado and loves to travel and discover the power of being outdoors as an avid hiker. While trekking in a beautiful part of New Zealand’s Southern Alps on a trail called the Routeburn Track she discovered the benefits of lambswool. “During the pre-hike orientation meeting prior to our 27-mile trek, our hiking leader recommended that we bring some of the local wool fleece with us, in case we encountered foot problems along the way. Sure enough, the next day on the trail, I began to notice hot spots building under my toes. As our trek leader had suggested, I took a moment to apply the wool fleece around and under the problem area. I was amazed that within 30-minutes, the hot spot disappeared. That evening when I removed my boot and sock, my toe was soft and totally pain-free.”

eNzees Foot SootherTalking to a couple that was 5th generation New Zealand sheep ranchers, she learned of their knowledge of the benefits of the wool fleece and its curative lanolin. Jill shares, “From that chance meeting high in the mountains of New Zealand, the vision of eNZees Foot Soother was born. After many months of research and testing of numerous types of wool from many different ranches, we were lucky enough to connect with a sheep breeder on the South Island of New Zealand. This relationship has resulted in a consistent source of high quality soft wool from pure-bred organic sheep that forms the basis of eNZees Foot Soother.

The wool from New Zealand’s sheep contains lanolin, a wax like substance that keeps one’s skin soft while offering some degree of waterproofing. Lanolin’s curative properties help protect the skin and promote faster healing. It’s a natural moisturizer. The wool is harvested from the sheep, cleaned and processed for six weeks.

eNZees Foot Soother applied to toes

eNZees Foot Soother lambswool comes in two package options. A mini 5-pack contains five individual packs of the wool – each enough for 2-3 applications. A larger muti-activity pack contains enough wool for 15-20 applications. The packs are inexpensively priced at $13.95 each. Both packs come in a package with a Zip-lock closure.

Put some in a Zip-lock baggie and add it to your running or hiking kit and in your larger foot care kit. It takes just a moment to pull off a tuff of the wool and wrap it around a troublesome hotspot. Then carefully pull your socks over the wool. The strands of wool will weave securely into the sock fibers, ensuring they stay in place even through rigorous activity without the need to hold them down with tape. That’s right, no scissors and no tape and no lubricant all over your fingers. It’s barely there but it’s working. When you’re done with your activity, remove your sock and pull the wool away from the sock. It can be reused if it hasn’t firmed up. Thru hikers regularly reuse it. The wool is not limited to use on your feet. Cyclists have used it in their bike shorts to help with rubbing. A video on their website shows how to apply the wool.

As an added bonus, eNZees Foot Soother’s lambswool can also offer relief from corns and calluses when used on a regular basis. If you are concerned about a wool allergy, don’t be. What people call a wool allergy is really the chemicals that are put on processed wool. ENZees has only natural lanolin and people that think they are allergic to wool do not complain of a reaction.

Do not use the wool over areas of broken skin.

On my pack of eNZees Foot Soothers wool are the words, Let New Zealand Sheep Save Your Sole. I like that and encourage you to check out this great new product.

How To Buy Shoes That Don’t Hurt

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Anytime we buy shoes, we must make sure we get the best possible fit. There are more than a few tips on getting a good fit and over the years I have blogged about them and included them in every edition of Fixing Your Feet.

It’s one thing to read a list of tips. It’s quite another to see an infographic that shows in pictures and text, the same information. So in this post I am sharing an infographic courtesy of Walsh Brothers Shoes. Spend a few minutes looking at the images and reading the explanations, and then check out the Walsh Brothers Shoes website. They are located in Ireland and have a wide assortment of casual to dress shoes, boots, sandals, and more. They also have a blog that is worth reading.

If this infographic helps you understand how to find shoes that don’t hurt, you are ahead of the game. Thanks to Paula Casey from Walsh Brothers Shoes.

It may take a few clicks on the image to get the full size, so be patient. It’s worth it.

The Acumo Massage Ball

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A few months ago I received an Acumo Massage Ball to try. You can see the ball in the image here. It’s 3.15 inches in diameter made from hard rubber with grooves for reaching your pressure and trigger points. The ball works on trigger points, myofacial release, acupressure, moxibustion, and reflexology therapies. It’s simple to use anytime, anywhere, for instant pain and stress relief.

The Acumo Massage Ball

The Acumo Massage Ball

What sets the Acumo Massage Ball apart from others is its three vibration modes, its ability to generate 1.5 hours of heat, its 15 minute automatic shutoff, and its 3600mAh Li-Polymer battery that can also be used as a power bank to charge your cell phone.

You may ask why I am reviewing the Acumo ball on a blog that talks about feet. I see the ball as a useful tool to relieve pain from plantar fasciitis, to stretch the tendon, for general stretching of the foot, ankle and calf, as well as the lower leg upwards to the lower back. The ball excels over other balls with its heat and vibration.

Frequent massages will relieve the pain from sports and daily tasks. Not everyone can afford to get a daily or even weekly massage. Purchasing one Acumo which is less than a professional treatment will allow you to perform an effective and comfortable self-massage anytime, anywhere to pursue a move-free and pain-free healthy lifestyle. Check out the trigger point charts and map to find your trigger points anywhere on your body.

When you travel, use the Acumo Massage Ball behind your neck and lower back, or under your thighs and feet. When working out, use the Acumo ball to perform myofascial release to your muscles before and after your workout routine to decrease the chances of injury, enhance your movement efficiency, and increase your performance and flexibility.

The ball can be helpful as a posture correction tool while you are sitting. Put it between your lower back and a chair back. You can also use it to roll away the soreness and pains in wrists, hands, arms, neck, shoulder and backs from long period of using your computer.

The Acumo Massage Ball has been tested and recommended by licensed physical therapists and fitness trainers. The Acumo ball comes with a carry bag, a charge/discharge cable, and a user manual. It can be charged by any UL certified USB power adapters or USB ports.

The Acumo massage ball can be ordered through the company’s website or through Amazon.

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