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I recently attended a conference where I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Christopher Segler. He’s an award winning foot and ankle surgeon and podiatrist who is a runner and 15-time Ironman finisher. His practice is in San Francisco and the Silicon Valley in California. His focus in on helping runners, triathletes, and athletes to stay active and keep running.

Christopher is unique in that he is literally the Doc on the Run – i.e., he makes house calls. His website is a wealth of information on everything foot related, his Runner’s D.I.Y. advice, products, videos, courses, and ways to connect with him. Even if you don’t live in the area, you can get a consultation over the phone or through Skype.

Doc on the Run

Take a look at his Doc on the Run website and read some of the articles. His Runner’s D.I.Y. page has information on arch pain, ball of the foot pain, ankle sprains, and five other areas. The Advanced Treatments page has information on Platelet Rich Plasma injections, stem cell therapy, neuroma treatment toenail fungus treatment and more. Many pages have videos.

There’s also a Doc on the Run podcast with 58 episodes. Many are under 30 minutes in length. Show topics include sprained ankles, neuromas, tendon injuries, shin splints, toe and toenail injuries, plantar fasciitis, and more. You can subscribe to his podcast in iTunes or on his website to receive notice of new episodes. If you haven’t discovered podcasts yet, Christopher’s show is an excellent place to start.

Finally, he has a book Runner’s Heel Pain: Self-Diagnosis and Self-Treatment available as an ebook.

I encourage you to check out the Doc on the Run website and podcast. Every athlete at some point suffers from injuries. Dr. Christopher Segler will help you get healed and keep on running.

He also has a Facebook page and videos on YouTube.

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