The Best of Fixing Your Feet’s Blog 2016

Over the course of a year, a lot has been written and reviewed in this blog. Some of the articles stick out as better than others, and I’m sure you’ll agree that’s true. So to end 2016, I want to pull out what I consider the best Fixing Your Feet blog posts of the year. We’ll start with January and work through the months. grab a cup of coffee or a beer and give them a read.


Making Overlapping Toe Separators – Part 1. This problem is more common than you think.

Making Overlapping Toe Separators – Part 2. After you read Part 1, read this part 2.


Terri Schneider’s Interview about Foot Care, from her book Dirty Inspirations. Great advice from an amazing athlete.


The Science of Ultra Interviews me About Foot Care. This was a fun and informative interview.


Providing Foot Care for Athletes. A new sustainable method of providing foot care for athletes.


A Pep Talk on the 6P’s of Foot Care. A good approach that athletes need to understand. It builds on the Providing Foot Care for Athletes above.

A Thru-Hikers Story About Bad Feet. An interesting story we can all learn from.


12 Foot Care Tips for Success at 100’s. This is relevant year-round.


Thru-Hikers Feet – an Update to May’s Thru-Hikers Story About Bad Feet article above.

Fixing Your Feet 6th Edition Available. The new edition is fully loaded and updated.


Gator Tip Toes for Cold Toes. Important for this time of the year.


Moxie Gear Shin Gaiters. Good gaiters and shin gaiters for trail runners.


Green Goo Salve for Feet. A great product for your feet.


Ellsworth V Channel Socks. The best socks I’ve seen in years.

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So after all that – 2017 looms ahead. Get ready. Train hard and smart, and above all, learn how to give your feet the care they deserve. Thank you for your support and encouragement throughout the years.

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