Gator Tip Toes for Cold Toes

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When I was at the Outdoor Retailer’s Show in Salt Lake City in early August I talked to a sales rep for Gator Sports. They make high performance cold weather gear.

Their socks are made with neoprene in a closed cell construction, meaning it is filled with closed air bubbles. These serve as insulators, just as styrofoam does. Because the cells are closed, the neoprene itself is waterproof. Gator uses three thicknesses of neoprene. Their basic products are 1.5 mm, with nylon laminated to each side. They use 3.0 mm for products that require greater warmth. They also use a fleece lined 1.0 mm neoprene for added comfort when worn against the skin. I like neoprene socks for their warmth.

Gator Tip Toes

Gator Tip Toes

I came home from the show with a pair of Gator Tips Toes. These are pictured here on my feet. They are thin, with flat-stitched seams running side to side, and are made in a one size fits all. I wore them against my skin and added socks over the top. The price is right at only $9.99.

If your shoes are snug to start with, these may make the fit too tight. I wore them without problem in my cycling shoes and they worked their magic. I get cold toes while riding and on this morning’s two-hour ride my toes were comfortable. I know they will fit inside my running shoes. These are a great addition to your sock drawer when the temps start dipping. I know they will help me this fall and winter.

In addition to the Gator Tip Toes, they make low cut sport socks, basic neoprene socks, fleece lined socks, and Icelander socks. The sport socks could be perfect for running and riding because they come up over the ankle.

Here’s the link to Gator Sports. Check them out as you plan for transitioning into cold weather.

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