13 Christmas Gifts for Your Feet

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What better time of the year to pamper your feet than Christmas. Our feet are encased in heavy socks and footwear. We take them for granted. Here’s a look at my favorite things for your feet this year. My suggestion is to check out these items at Zombierunner.com. Don and Gillian support athletes with great service. You can click on their link and at their website, click on Foot Care or any other items. Zombierunner has everyone of these items, except a callus file.

Engo Footwear Patches – these slick patches go in your shoes to reduce friction. A must for any foot care first aid kit.

Drymax Socks – my favorite socks that hate moisture. Their micro-fiber technology is a sweat removal system to keep your feet dry.

Injinji Socks – the original toesocks that are perfect for many sports, and a must for those who are prone to toe blisters.

Sportslick Lubricant – Prevents blisters, chafing and skin rash during sporting activities. This skin care product also cures jock itch, athlete’s foot, and other skin conditions.

Stuffitts Portable Drying Solutions – for shoes, gloves, helmets to defeat wet and stinky gear. Their soft, lightweight forms combat moisture and kills odor in personal wearable gear.

BlisterShield Powder – a great powder, especially for those who prefer powder over a lubricant.

Kinesio Tex Tape – a great tape that breathes and conforms to the shape of any part of your feet. 1, 2, and 3 inch widths.

Leukotape – one of the stickiest tapes available. 1 ½ inches wide.

Superfeet Insoles – one of the best insoles for support. They are available in a number of options.

Toenail Clippers – everyone needs a good clipper to tame their toenails.

Callus File – a callus build-up can lead to problems that can result in blisters underneath this hard layer of skin.

Natural Running – this is a great book that teaches you to run the way nature intended, mimicking the healthy, efficient barefoot style you were born with, while keeping feet safe from rough modern surfaces.

Fixing Your Feet, 5th edition – my best-selling book that covers all aspects of footwear and foot care.
Here’s the Amazon link for the Fixing Your Feet print edition.
Here’s the Amazon link for a Fixing Your Feet Kindle edition.

I hope you’ll consider one or more of these as gifts either to yourself or a friend.

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Zombierunner and make a few pennies when you buy through my link.

When Tape Goes Bad

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Today I worked the medical aid station at mile 20 of the Oakland Marathon. Saturday I restocked my foot care box, adding supplies that I had depleted during the past events. I also cleaned up my Baggies of patches, and other small items.

One of the things I noticed I was short was tape. I added a roll of Leukotape and some Kinesio Tex. The Leukotape was out of a box off my shelf. I knew it had been on the shelf for while, but was unsure how long.

A short time into the race, I had several runners come in for some taping over hot spots. I cleaned the skin with an alcohol wipe, assessed the problem, and peeled off a bit of Leukotape. The first strip stuck okay. But after that, I could tell the tape did not have its usual stickiness.

I unrolled more and more, but the tape was bad. It would not stick.

Thinking about it, I think the tape was several years old. Maybe even three years. I am pretty good about checking my tapes – but this one slipped by me. So my advice is to check all your tapes before a race.

Unusual Blister Patch Jobs

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I have written a lot about patching blisters. Many of these patch jobs are what I would call routine. But every so often I get to try something new. Today’s post is about one of those times.

Kinesio Tex tape at the base of the big toe

Kinesio Tex tape at the base of the big toe

At the TransRockies six-day stage race this past August, a runner came in with a blister in the crease of skin at the base of the big toe.

The photos show my patch job from two angles. After draining the blister and prepping the skin, I started with a two-inch strip of Kinesio Tex tape.  I cut the tape so the finished piece was about three inches in length. I rounded each end and made it a small oval on one end with a larger oval at the other end. The tape was applied over a dab of zinc oxide. I applied the tape at the base of the toe to start and then slightly stretched each end of the tape – the small oval end going up and between the big and first toe, and the larger oval side going around the outside of the big toe. The two ends did not touch on top of the toe.

Kinesio Tex tape at the top of the big toe

Kinesio Tex tape at the top of the big toe

The beauty of this tape job is that the Kinesio Tex tape is soft and easily forms to the curves of the toe. Another plus is that it will not bunch up in the crease of the toe. Try this with another tape, Leukotape, duct tape, Elastikon, or white athletic tape, and you’ll see how those tapes do not form to the curves of the foot and will have creases and folds in the tape.

This tape patch can be done to any toe and any other part of the foot. With care in the skin prep phase, and putting sock on and taking them off, it will stay on for several days. Be sure to rub the tape for 20 to 30 seconds so its adhesive can bond with the skin.

Kinesio Tex tape is available at Zombierunner.com.

ENGO’s New Blister Prevention Products

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I have been a fan of ENGO blister prevention products since I first learned about them, more than two years ago. Their Blister Prevention Patches work on insoles, over the edges of insoles to the inside of the shoe, in the heel counter – anywhere there is friction. By reducing friction, they reduce pain associated rubbing that causes hot spots and blisters.

Until now, they only offered Blister Prevention Patches in small and large ovals and rectangles. I am glad that ENGO has several new valuable products. These come just in time to be used as stocking stuffers for Christmas. Both products receive a five start rating because of their value to athletes. Each fills a unique need for active outdoor athletes – whatever your sport.

five-stars4 Blister Relief Kit

ENGO's Basic Blister Relief Kit

ENGO's Basic Blister Relief Kit

ENGO is introducing two new Blister Relief Kits. I have given my endorsement to these kits. They are ideal for hiking, climbing, running, walking, team sports and other adventure activities. A durable cloth zipper bag (3.75 x 4.75 inches) protects the 2-ounce kit’s contents against dirt & moisture. Most of the kit’s components come in their own plastic baggies – and the two extra baggies can easily accommodate the remaining components. This kit was designed by ENGO, with input from yours truly. It features several products that I wholeheartedly recommend: Kinesio-Tex tape and ENGO Blister Prevention Patches. Athletes can use both products together to treat a hot spot or blister, or in different locations on the foot. The 18-inch strip of two-inch wide Kinesio-Tex tape is enough to treat multiple blisters. The tape can be cut in one-inch strips for toes. The two ENGO Blister Prevention Patches can be used anywhere in your shoes. The Blister Repair Instruction Booklet tells how to use ENGO patches and my instructions on how to treat a blister. The components of the kit include:

  • ENGO Large Oval Patches (2)
  • Kinesio Tape (18″)
  • Benzoin Tincture (2)
  • Alcohol Prep Pads (4)
  • 5″ x 8″ Hand Towelettes (2)
  • Triple Antibiotic Ointment (2)
  • Sterile Lancets (2)
  • Empty Bags (2)
  • Blister Repair Instruction Booklet
  • Nylon Zipper Bag

ENGO is offering two kits. The Basic Blister Relief Kit contains everything listed above and retails for $11.00. The Complete Blister Relief Kit has the same components plus a stainless steel folding scissor and retails for $14.00. If you don’t have a small folding scissors in your foot care kit, get the Complete kit. They are considering whether to offer a refill pack. Until then, all the components in the Basic kit would be used in typical blister patching scenarios and so ordering a new Basic kit is a no brainer.

Discount Ordering Bonus: Jason, from ENGO, just emailed me and said they are offering a $2 discount on these kits through the end of the year when customers use coupon code “blistergift” during checkout on their site.

Additional patches can be ordered from ENGO as needed. I like the patches and personally would add a couple of small ovals and a large rectangle. You are then covered for all foot parts. If you have other blister patching favorites, they can easily be added to the kit.

five-stars3 Back of Heel Patches

Back of Heel Patch

Back of Heel Patch

If you suffer from back of the heel hot spots or blisters, or Achilles tendon rubbing, ENGO’s new Back of the Heel Patches are made for you. These unique heel-shaped patches are curved to wrap around the top of your shoe’s inner heel. They will give you weeks of uninterrupted protection from painful rubbing, blisters and calluses. Alternatives to these patches include cutting a notch in your shoe’s heel coulter to relieve pressure or applying tape and/or some sort of blister patch on your skin. The first cuts your footwear and the second is often works well for a while and then if not applied correctly, peels off. These new Back of the Heel Patches, if applied to a dry shoe, will last for weeks regardless of what socks you wear and road/trail conditions.

ENGO’s convenient, ultra-thin patches easily store in fanny packs or your foot care kit to be available whenever a hot spot or blister may occur. Or attach one to your race bib pin so you’ll have it handy if a hot spot occurs during a race. The price is $8.00 for a packet of two patches. A cushioned Heel Wrap has been trialed and will be offered soon.

Remember, ENGO patches are applied directly onto your footwear, not your skin. I like the page at their website that describes creative uses of ENGO patches: rake handles, watch bands, bike seats, helmets, furniture, squeaky shoes, backpack straps, and more.

Disclosure: I receive samples from ENGO, which I use at the races where I provide foot care services and I also give samples to athletes. I have endorsed the blister kits and for providing consulting on the kits, I will receive a small royalty.

Gifts for Christmas to Keep Your Feet Happy

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How about being nice to your feet this Christmas and giving them a gift. In fact, be nice to a freind and give them a gift for happy feet. Here are a few suggestions. These can easily be found through a Google search—but many of the items are available at ZombieRunner.com (marked with an *).

Fixingyourfeet_3A copy of the 4th edition of Fixing Your Feet: Prevention and Treatments for Athletes. If you have the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd edition – you are out of date.

A copy of my Happy Feet booklet. A short 36 page booklet for those who don’t need the full book.

Hydropel_1   *  A tube of Hydropel  –  Hydropel is especially good at controlling moisture and maceration. Used by many adventure racers and ultrarunners.

* A tube of BodyGlide

* A container of BlisterShield Powder or Roll-On

Outdoor_quarter   *  A pair of Injinji Tetrasok socks with Nuwool – These toe socks are popular with many runners, ultrarunners and adventure racers.

    A pair of Smartwool socks

Eco_poly_quarter_sock_2x2  *  A pair of ecologically safe Teco Ecopoly or EcoMerino wool socks. These socks are made by a compamy that walks the walk of eco-friendly products.

Sub24  A pair of Dirty Girl gaiters. Lightweight gaiters made in a multiude of patterns and colors. Unisex. 

Engopackagefront  *  A pack of Engo Blister Prevention Patches


*  A pack of Spenco Blister Pads


* A pack of Spenco QuikStik Adhesive Blister Dressings

Zeasorb  *  A container of Zeasorb Super Absorbent powder. My favorite foot powder.

  A callus file from your local drug store. Use every few days to control those pasky calluses.

  A good nail file, not the throw away kind, from your local drug store

Kinesio_beige_2inch_1  *  A few rolls of Kinesio-Tex tape. This tape is quickly becoming the tape of choice for foot taping.

  A pair ShockDoctor insoles

Related_sole_ultra  *  A pair of SofSole heat moldable insoles. Pop them in the oven to heat, stand on them to mold, and they fit your feet.


*  A gift certificate from ZombieRunner.com

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