Zederna Insoles

Zederna Insoles eliminate unpleasant foot smell, athlete’s foot and nail fungus effectively and simply. Its antibacterial works where foot odor and athlete’s foot develop.Put the thin (1/16 inch) and flexible high-quality cedarwood Zederna Insoles into your shoes. Foot odor disappears immediately and a very pleasant smell of fresh softwood remains. The new formation of athlete’s foot and nail fungus is prevented. Existing athlete’s foot fades away after a few days.

Generally foot odor and athlete’s foot do not come from sweat, which surrounds your feet. It comes from bacteria on the skin, which is decomposed by the sweat. The waste product of this decomposition leaves a very unpleasant smell and is an ideal breeding climate for athlete’s foot and nail fungus.

Zederna Insoles

Zederna Insoles

The Zederna Insole is a 100% natural product from thin cedarwood. The back consists of a stabilizing cotton layer. The sole is flexible and adapts to your foot form after a few steps. It gives you a very comfortable feeling (even if you carry orthopedic inserts). Your feet can take a deep breath nearly as liberating as walking barefoot.

Here’s how Zederna Insoles work:

  • The natural suction force of Zederna cedarwood absorbs the sweat effectively
  • The Zederna Insole and its antibacterial effect work where foot odor and athlete’s foot develop
  • Smell and fungus creating bacteria are eliminated
The Zederna Effect

The Zederna Effect

Here’s my take on the insoles. I wore a pair in my work shoes for months. My old insoles were a regular stock style and I used them because they were already in the shoes. I immediately liked the Zederna Insoles. I felt my feet were cooler and more comfortable. I liked the wood feel – my feet were not stuck to a fabric synthetic insole, but could move around on the cedarwood. Between my commute and work, I had my shoes on for 12 hours straight. The insoles were pleasant. They are perfect to use in your shoes after training.

Because they are thin, I think they could easily be used in running shoes or boots. I would wear them in training, and then, depending on the feel, I’d make the decision to wear then in a race or not.

Zederna Insole Advantages:

  • Foot odor disappears immediately!
  • Athlete’s foot disappears after a few days.
  • The new formation of athlete’s foot is permanently prevented.
  • The treatment of existing nail fungus with conventional methods is accelerated by more than 50%, because of the dry and antibacterial foot climate.
  • The new formation of toenail fungus is permanently prevented.
  • Plug & play: Just insert the insole in your shoes and start. Annoying treatments with gels and powder belongs to the past.
  • Naturopathic treatment: The effect is purely based on natural power. No chemistry.
  • As a result of the polished surface and the flexibility of the Zederna Insole, pleasant feeling arises also when wearing without socks.
  • The Zederna inserts provide a pleasant and dry climate in your shoes. Comparable to walking in a forest: in summer it is relatively cool and in winter it is always warmer.
  • Long durability of the Zederna Insoles.
  • Reliable quality – Made in Germany.
  • Comfortable subscription available.
  • Fast delivery within a few days.
  • More than 9.500 satisfied customers.
  • Money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with our product.

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Zederna Insoles to try. Beyond that, I have no financial investment in Zederna.

Toenail Fungus

February 26, 2011 by · 1 Comment
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I get a lot of emails asking for help . Here is a recent question and my response – about toenail fungus.

nail_fugusDarbla asked a question, “I have an older edition of your book, bought when I used to do adventure racing. But if your new book can tell me how to get rid of toenail fungus, I will buy it! A podiatrist and then several rounds Sporonox, Lamisil, and Penlax helped none at all. I developed my own strategy of grinding them down with a motorized dremel, then rinsing off with bleach water, as the best thing I’ve tried so far. But then I’m not doing that regularly enough to completely get rid of it. I will only do this outside because I don’t want particles of that fungus getting all in my bathroom and shower from the shavings and powder thrown up by the dremel, and then when it’s cold or bad weather I cop out of going outside to do it. So I’ve created this whole big treatment that would probably seriously work, but it’s got too many difficulties to do it as often as it’s going to take to solve the problem. So if you’ve got the solution in your book, please let me know and I’ll buy!”

Here’s my response:

Ah, you want a guarantee to get rid of toenail fungus! I am not sure anyone can offer you that. But there are some good options. It sounds like you have done a good job of trying the medications. A friend, a podiatrist mentioned Carmol as a topical prescription. She also suggests doing both an oral and topical medication at the same time. Not sure if you are still on one, but if you have not done both at the same time, it could be worth trying. Of course, I’d be amiss if I did not mention toenail removal. This allows the topical medication to get to the nail bed. Over 8-10 months, the nails will grow back. Permanent nail removal is another more serious option.

Then there is laser treatments, which are somewhat new and apparently quite good. Figure on about $1000 for all 10 toes. Studies show 88% success after one treatment. Vicks-VapoRub, tree tee oil, manuka oil, and eucalyptus oil, are other topical options. Apply twice daily for at least 90 days. You use of the Dremel to thin the nail is good. That allows the topical medication/oils to get deeper into the nail. Put the medication/oil to the cotton on a Band-Aid and apply it to the nail. Some people try soaking their toes twice daily in Listerine or a mixture of Listerine and white vinegar. One fellow wrote that he use an antiseptic surgical scrub called chlorhexidine gluconate with good results. All that said,  the thinning and filing down of the nail’s surface is a huge part of helping any topical treatment be more successful.

Not sure what edition you have. What I wrote above is from the 5th edition. Much in the book has changed from the earlier editions. Good luck and please let me know what happens.

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