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I love new products that promote healthy feet. And, as many of you know, I don’t like calluses. So I was happy to get a chance to test a new callus reduction product.

First, I need to say that I am not a fan of pumice stones and most of the callus files I see most commonly advertised as tools to help you reduce your calluses. In my opinion, they tend to tear the skin, leaving it rough and scaly. While they reduce callus, I don’t like the after effects on the skin. I have tried the Pedi-Egg and while a bit better, it still leaves a lot to be desired.

Silk Feet

Silk Feet

There’s always room for improvement. The nice folks at Silk Feet sent me a sample of their product. Here’s a bit of text from their website.

Silk Feet is the first ever Bladeless Exfoliating Microscreen. It’s designed to quickly remove dry, callused skin revealing smooth, healthy skin beneath. The oval shape and flexible design adapt to the contours of the foot for professional results in minutes. 

Silk Feet is a new generation of foot care products designed to provide fast, effective treatment to eliminate dry, dead skin cells from an individual’s foot; producing the most effective smoothing results available in a single application.

The product’s oval shape and flexible design adapt to the contours of your foot and allow the abrasive to maintain continuous contact with your skin for professional results in minutes.

The oval shape is easy to use

The oval shape is easy to use

I found the oval shape to be pliable and easily shaped to my heels and the balls of my feet. I could hold it in the palm of my hand and rub it over the skin with as much pressure as I wanted to apply. It worked very well. In just two short sessions, my wintertime calluses were reduced dramatically. I used it on one heel and not the other so I could compare. While a bit tricky because of its size, it can also be used on toes. The oval is the same coarseness on both sides, so it can be reversed when one side starts to wear down. Wash it under running water after use.

My recommendation is to use it over a wastebasket or the side of your tub as the fine skin dust has to go somewhere – or just use it outside. It’s small enough to pack in a travel bag to take on the road. I’d suggest putting it in a baggie to keep it from snagging on other things.

At a price point of $6, I think Silk Feet is a great buy. Their website lists stores that are supposed to carry it. If you can’t find it at a local store, it’s easy to order it from their website.

Nice Feet!

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In June I helped on the medical team of the Raid the North Extreme Adventure Race. It was held in the wilds of Northern British Columbia, Canada. Much of the race took place on the Queen Charlotte Islands off the coast (by a nice 7 hour ferry ride) of Prince Rupert.
    There were 23 teams of four athletes each. The disciplines included kayak paddling, trekking, and mountain biking.
Dscf0725_1     The picture I am sharing here is of one of the women racers, on day three. I want you to appreciate how good her feet look – red toenail polish and all. Her skin looks great. Her toes look great. Her heels looked great. I don’t recall hearing any complaints about her feet.
     In the picture, she is applying some lubricant to her feet before changing socks. The team had just come off a long kayak section. There were more than two full days left in the race.
     The purpose of showing you her feet (Ok, I know it is only one foot, but the other one looks just as good!), is to show you that you can be an extreme athlete and have nice feet.

You can be an Athlete and Have Nice Feet

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Sometimes athletes are under the mistaken impression that they cannot have nice feet. They think that Img_1455_copy_2the miles they run or hike, the blisters or calluses, the black or missing toenails, all mean they are relegated to bad or even ugly feet.
     Let me assure you that you can be an athlete and still have nice feet. Take a good look at this picture. The foot looks great dosen’t it? Even the toenails look good. Let me assure you this foot belongs to an athlete – and the other one is just as good.
     I took this picture several years ago when I was providing foot care at The Atacama Crossing, a Racing the Planet seven-day foot race across the high desert of northern Chile. The foot belongs to one of the women who ran the 150-mile race. She had learned how to care for her feet and what worked for her feet. Notice the nails are well trimmed. The skin is clean and no calluses are evident on the sides. The picture was taken half way through a 30 mile day.
     Whatever your sport, with a bit of care and knowledge about how to care for your skin, toes, and toenails, you can have nice feet.

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