Fixing Your Feet Saves the Day

Fixing Your Feet - 5th edition

Fixing Your Feet – 5th edition

I love reading the unsolicited email and testimonials from athletes who have discovered Fixing Your Feet. They help motivate me to keep going. Here are two. The first is a simple sentence. The second is a personal story I received last week. Thanks everyone who has passed along their story.

I’m pretty sure Fixing Your Feet has saved most of us at one point. ~ an email from Deb Bosilevac.

Then Billy Pearce (husband, father of 3 boys, nurse and ultrarunner) shared his story:

My many years of ultrarunning with a three shoe size difference in feet caused by a traumatic injury as a child has always been a challenge with shoes and blisters. So I choose ultrarunning as my passion! I have had two DNF’s in the Australian classic Coast to Kosci 240km beach to Australia’s highest peak. So this year my attempt to get a finish was one of real attention to where things had gone wrong before.

This year I had my podiatrist and friend on my crew, (Brad White, from Footcare Woden, Canberra ACT Australia). I attend his clinic monthly as routine and we have planned all year for this race. Brad is also a gifted runner.

Best footcare ever. In over 42 hours 26 minutes of running I needed two stops to attend to feet – totaling less than 15 minutes for both stops! I gave him a copy of Fixing Your Feet and I think we have created a new passion for him. 

I found your work after a 48 hour race when my feet become so bad I was reduced to painful shuffle for last 24 hours then weeks of healing. I am now able to race 24 hours on a track without a scratch and as we say, “If you do not have a plan for your feet, you do not have a race plan.” Thanks heaps for the help and advice you give so freely.

Do you have the 5th edition of Fixing Your Feet? Last summer while working on feet at the Michigan Bluff aid station of Western States, a runner’s crew member came up to ask me if I’d sign his copy of Fixing Your Feet. While I signed it, I told him he had a very outdated book the 2nd edition! Every edition has gotten better and larger with a lot of new and updated information. Maybe I am biased, but the 5th edition is the best ever.

If you have older editions, you owe it to yourself to invest in the 5th edition. You can purchase it through my website, Zombierunner, and most online bookstores. At Amazon, it’s available in either print or Kindle formats.



Relentless Forward Progress – a Review

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Earlier this year, Byron Powell’s new book, Relentless Forward Progress: A Guide to Running Ultramarathons was released.

Relentless Forward Progress

Relentless Forward Progress

At 229 pages, this book is labor of love for Byron as he seeks to increase awareness about ultramarathons and how to run them successfully. Interspersed amongst his advice are short pieces by 17 well-known ultra runners. This adds value to the books because you received the time-tested and proven advice from Byron and those who have expertise in specific areas.

Everything about running ultras is covered in this book. The why’s of running an ultra, the building blocks of training, training plans, training for 50k, 50-miles, 100k and 10 mile races, trail and road running basics, hydration and electrolytes, nutrition, injuries and other setbacks, gear, choosing your ultras, environmental conditions, the ultrarunning community, going beyond ultras, and barefoot running and ultras.

Having run my first ultra in the early 80s, and knowing now what I didn’t know then, I can truthfully say, “It’s all in this book.” Back them, there was little thought given to nutrition and hydration, things like shoe fit, training for your first 100, and how to run and ultra well.

Byron has done his homework and is well qualified to write Relentless Forward Progress. Than add in advice from the likes of Krissy Moehl, Goeff Roes, Ian Torrence, Adam Chase, Michael Wardian, Dave Mackey, Dr. David Horton, Dakota Jones, Karl King, Scotty Mills, Eric Grossman, Dr. William Henderson, Jamie Donaldson, Megan M. Hicks, Michaal Sandler, Jessica Lee, and yours truly, and you have wisdom hard to match.

I encourage you to check out Relentless Forward Progress at Amazon and get a copy for yourself and another for a friend for Christmas.

Running on Empty: 3000+ miles, 52 days, 57 years old

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When Marshall Ulrich ran from San Francisco to New York City in 52.5 days, he was 57 years old and making an attempt to break a world record set by a man half his age.

Marshall Ulrich

Marshall Ulrich

Completing the mind-bending and body-breaking equivalent of 117 back-to-back marathons, Marshall ran an average of more than 400 miles a week, gained 84,430 feet in elevation, dealt with temps ranging from below freezing to the upper 90s, and crossed 12 states. He wore out 15 pairs of shoes.

I have known Marshall, and his wife Heather, for many years. I met them first at Death Valley at one of the Badwater Ultramarathons that he was running and I was patching feet. He is one of the icons of ultrarunning – and the best part, he’s a nice guy. No fluff. No attitude. Just a nice guy with a big heart.

As I read through my advance copy of Running on Empty, of course I looked for the parts where he talked about his feet. Chapter 7, This is Not my Foot, caught my attention. Marshall writes, “… I disowned my foot. Instead of embracing the pain, I rejected it completely. If I wanted to keep running, I’d have to stop thinking about my foot altogether. I wouldn’t be able to just gut it out as I had before, during the painful few hundred miles to the finish during the Badwater Quad. I still had over fifteen-hundred miles to go, close to three weeks before we reached New York….” This is a book that tells it like it is. No sugar-coating here.

This is a gutsy story that will intrigue you and you’ll wonder what make his tick. You’ll ask yourself, could I have done that? What am I made of? Could I make the sacrifices and remain motivated through it all. You’ll read Marshall’s Ten Commandments of Endurance, which kept him going during the 3000+ miles.

Running on Empty

Running on Empty

Marshall is a versatile, world-class extreme endurance athlete, not only a legendary ultra-runner but also Seven Summits mountaineer and adventure racer. So his new book, Running on Empty, is a memoir mostly about the transcontinental run, but it also includes tales and lessons learned from all his athletic pursuits, some painful, some funny, some completely surprising. You’ll come away appreciating a man who is soft-spoke, genuine, and honest. And you’ll appreciate the relationship between Marshall and his wife Heather, who shares in making this a great story.

In Running on Empty, Marshall shares the gritty backstory, including brushes with death, run-ins with the police, and the excruciating punishments he endured at the mercy of his maxed-out body. He also reaches back nearly thirty years to when the death of the woman he loved drove him to begin running-and his dawning realization that he felt truly alive only when pushed to the limits.

Now, Marshall has given us the inside scoop for you on how to order your copy today. You can also get some valuable “give-aways” I know you’ll love by pre-ordering your copy.

The back cover has a line that spells out the important message of Marshall’s book, “Face the toughest challenges, overcome debilitating setbacks, and find deep fulfillment in something greater than achievement.” I think, deep down, that is what we all strive for.

I have my preview copy, and I know this is something you’ll be interested in reading for yourself! Here is what others are saying about the book.

“Riveting–the man has endured more, experienced more, accomplished more than you can imagine.” ~ AMBY BURFOOT, editor at large of Runner’s World

“An athlete of astonishing grit …” ~ MARK BURNETT, producer of Survivor, Eco-Challenge, The Apprentice and others

“Marshall is The Man. Definitively … Nothing can stop him, and that gives us all hope, gives us resolve to keep trying.” ~ DEAN KARNAZES, ultra distance runner and author of Ultramarathon Man

“Tempting as it might be to describe him as superhuman, Marshall has fallen and struggled … His story … is ours.” ~ ARON RALSTON, author of Between a Rock and a Hard Place and subject of 127 Hours

You can read more of Marshall’s work on his blog.

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