A Wart Story

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I’d bet most of us think we are immune to warts. Or we simply never think about them.

But we can pick them up in communal showers at the gym, the local pool, or anywhere where people go barefoot.I found an email where the sender told the story of his wart – and included a picture. Here is Brad’s story.

Excised depression after a large wart on the bottom of the heel

Excised depression after a large wart on the bottom of the heel

I used to be that guy who didn’t wear shoes.  I played volleyball barefoot.  Went around the house/yard barefoot.  Took showers at the gym barefoot.  I’m not sure where it happened, but somewhere I picked up a wart.  Not just any wart, but the wart that wouldn’t respond to any treatment kind.

Did the salicylic drops.  Moved to salicylic acid patches.  Then to the podiatrist:  three rounds of blistering agents, four rounds of bleomycin injections.  While waiting for surgery, did the duct tape method. Needless to say, nothing worked, and the wart just kept growing and shooting off satellites.  Finally, after an incision of about 3 cms wide by several mms deep, and 7 weeks of recovery later, I think I’m finally wart free. 

Needless to say, at least in the gym showers and other questionable patches of real estate, I’m keeping my thongs (zorries) on, thank you very much… 

So there you have it. It could happen to you if you are not careful. Wear clogs, flip-flops, or sandals in common areas. Check your feet after showering for any signs of a wart beginning. Then take care of them before they become too large for localized over the counter treatments.

If you think about how this would affect your training and running/hiking/walking, you’ll be careful in communal areas.

Can You Get Enough Information About Feet?

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For the past four years, I have written the monthly Fixing Your Feet Ezine. That’s a lot of words about our appendages that we so often take for granted. Is there really that much to say and is it important?
     For athletes, especially extreme athletes, you can never have too much information. Whatever we do, it’s usually our feet that get us there—and back. In the same way we spend money on gear and training, and travel and food, we need to remember our feet. There is a lot of information that could help us walk and run better. There are lots of great products, some new and some old, and a lot of tips and hints. That is what the Ezine has done, provided that kind of information. Oh yea, and a great Bad Feet Photo Contest!
     The purpose of the Ezine is to inform and educate athletes and non-athletes about proper foot care skills and techniques, provide tips on foot care, review foot care products, and highlight problems people have with their feet. Over the years there have been articles on recovery from toe surgery, turf toe, maceration, toenail care, blisters, foot care kits, footwear, socks, insoles, foot care basics, ankle care, gaiters, fit, tendon problems, podiatrists, warts, dealing with sand and water, and much more.
     There are few people that have the same fascination with feet that I have—especially in how we patch out feet during sports. However, if you love your feet and are into walking, hiking, running, or any form of sport, you should learn how to care for these important parts of our anatomy. My book Fixing Your Feet is the ‘bible’ of foot care for athletes. The Ezine has played a major role in presenting information on foot care. And then there is this new blog. Can we have too much information about foot care? I can’t. Can you? I’ll let you be the judge of that.
     To subscribe to the Fixing Your Feet Ezine, Click Here. Once you are a subscriber, you’ll have access to all the back issues.

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